The Taylor Swift conundrum

Vastly rich bird with great legs who is obviously intelligent and talented and also has small tits.

Bird whatever with big tits.


24 thoughts on “The Taylor Swift conundrum”

  1. I’ve always got the impression that she’d be not much fun in the sack or to be around.

    I’d rather have a night with Rihanna.

  2. Prefer the obviously intelligent. Substitute handful for mouthful and I’m with John. But Sidney is unfortunately correct.

  3. Cracking legs, but the way she goes around hoovering up celebrities is just plain weird/desperate, neither are attractive traits.

  4. I have no idea who Taylor Swift is or what she looks like, and can’t be bothered to research. Nice on-paper description (not averse to smallies) but beyond this; – no pictures – no discussion.

  5. It’s not size, it’s shape. The primary attrractant is the firmness of the subcutaneous fat layer/connective tissue. It’s like getting meringue right. Firm peaks and all that.

    Anyway, she does nothing for me. Great legs? Daily Mail bikini dolly Kimberley Garner is the definition of great legs and built for speed. You can keep your warbling prune-face, thanks.

    I also really like that girl that plays Gilly in Game Of Thrones. I’m a real sucker for that slightly buck toothed look.

  6. I think she is perfect. She wins on style points.

    Haven’t heard her talk much. Don’t know if she can carry on a conversation.

  7. Ian B nails it, the shape is the key. When unconstrained, large breasts can be somewhat uncontrollable, even a health hazard. The sex police would certainly be wanting to see a SLAM (Stop, Look, Assess, Manage) risk assessment when auditing anyone having sex with a large breasted woman, and a full on RACK (Risk Assessment and Control of Kinky activities) if a pair of big breasted twins are involved.

    Dido has small breasts but you’d need a crane or MrsBud to get me off of her, ditto Kimberly Nixon.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    tony querfotze is right: there’s just something off about her. I’m willing to concede she is actually a human being but as far as I’m concerned she’s in the Uncanny Valley.

  9. She’s definitely a ‘one bagger’, unless she was wearing a squirrel suit, in which case (at least around these parts) she’d be cocked more times than Rambo’s rifle.

  10. Great legs indeed, as for the talent all her top hits were written and produced by Swedish duo Max Martin and Shellback and there’s much more of them than Swift, everything written by Swift alone is a hardly memorable garbage.

    Good performer, not that good artist.

  11. The Meissen Bison

    Edward Lud: thanks for the clarification – for a minute I thought you’d gone all metric on us or something.

    tony querfotze: I’m surprised that you begin with her eyes…

  12. “The primary attrractant is the firmness of the subcutaneous fat layer/connective tissue.”

    Ooh stop it. You’re getting me hot under the collar.

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