There’s a possible solution here

There is no body, admittedly, but when hordes of Far Eastern tourists began to descend on two very ordinary roads outside Oxford it appeared to be a mystery worthy of Inspector Morse.

Groups of up to 40 at a time arrive on the Seventies estate in Kidlington, always on Thursday, which is bin day, cameras in hand, traipsing over lawns, peering in windows, knocking on doors and asking for selfies.

Various theories exist….filming of Inspector Morse or Harry Potter etc. But no one knows the answer.

Hint for an aspiring journalist currently studying away among the dreaming spires. Get yourself out there on a Thursday (today! this morning!) and go bloody ask one of the tourists.

“‘Allo, whatchu doin’ then?” and an instant national article to kick start your career.

You know, actual reporting?

PS, Mail pays £1 a word.

8 thoughts on “There’s a possible solution here”

  1. Chinese tour groups usually have some guy at the front with a flag they all follow and they are all usually wearing identical baseball caps to try to prevent them getting lost. On Reddit it’s been described as “Nong* hearding”. It’s bad form of the tour operator to let them loose like that… surprised there’s no reports of them shitting in the streets. I’d love to be in that village to get some revenge by going up to them and shouting “Kneeee Hoowww” and looking all pleased with myself.

    *Nong from the Mandarin ‘Nongmin’ meaning farmer now used as a derogatory term for uncivilised Chinese.

  2. ““The other day they were asking my neighbour who was mowing her lawn if they could have a go. She said no.””

    Cannot… breathe!

  3. It’ll turn out that some Chinese poet lived there in the seventies; or something like that.

  4. If they ask someone then that’ll quickly kill the story. Got to drag it out a bit.

    And, as JuliaM said, modern journalism, especially of the DM variety, consists mainly of trawling social media. Going out and asking questions, not so much.

  5. Kidlington is the first big place south of Bicester Village. Given the atrocious roadworks between Kidlington and Oxford, I suspect lazy coach drivers, who would prefer to spend a few hours not stuck in traffic with the rest of us, are simply offloading their passengers in Kidlington rather than Oxford.

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