There’s politics and then there’s delusion

The Conservative government has had “a field day” amid Labour divisions, Jeremy Corbyn has said in a Guardian interview, while insisting he believes the party could win a snap general election.

13 thoughts on “There’s politics and then there’s delusion”

  1. Meanwhile Polly writes in the Guardian that after 4 successive election defeats Labour in 1997 “lost its nerve”. Funny how winning is ‘losing your nerve’ while continuous failure is the correct course.

  2. I can just never decide if Polly is thick, ignorant, or evil. Or a winning combination of all three.

  3. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    I understand that the minutaie of left-wing politics are not really followed by readers here, but I should point out that both Toynbee and the higher echelons of the Guardian are implacably opposed to Corbyn, and have been consistently since he emerged as front-runner for the leadership.

  4. Does polly wally and dohdah really oppose corbyn. Whatever they say out loud, I think he has a lot of secret blairite fans.

  5. The Meissen Bison

    WitchP: I understand that the minutiae of left-wing politics are not really followed by readers here…

    Is that entirely fair? I’ll readily admit that I’m not always dependably up to the mark on the precise position across the gamut of issues of every left-wing groupuscule but I am a keen follower and make every effort.

    Each in its way indulges in an alchemy which aims to transform the base metal of human experience into the purest gold of altruism and universal progress. The precise constituents of each possible version of this philosopher’s stone are, of course, highly contentious – hence the in-fighting between the various valiant adherents of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao and Brand.

    Who cannot be particularly encouraged that the notion of equality of outcome is gaining popularity at the moment? For my part I am looking forward to similar interventions to ensure that hours of daylight be henceforth standardised throughout the year at a pleasant and genial summertime rate.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Yes, with Corbyn and Smith in the running, once can see from a perusal of their respective policy frameworks that the whole gamut of political thought is covered, from Trotsky to Mao.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    If you want to get an insight in to the Labour Party and left wing politics in general a good place to start is the New Statesman podcast. Whilst I disagree wth just about all their political views there’s no doubt that Stephen Bush is very well plugged in to all wings of the party at very high levels.

  8. Oh dear. Corbyn has gone too far this time (in Observer 31.viii.16) “Labour would reform the takeover code to ensure any corporate buyer has the means to acquire a company without saddling it with debt.” He means to ensure that people taking over other people’s companies have the money to do so!
    Does n’t he know that our glorious progress to a low wage/ high house price economy is totally dependent on this fiddle/ financial arrangement? It is enough to make professional Tory politicians fall off their potties in a tizz.
    Why is Tim Worstall silent on this matter that threatens civilisation as we know it? Is he a Communist?

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