There’s silly, there’s Ritchie and then there’s crazed

Various ones have been properly convinced that there is a plan for a European superstate. Forbes’ writer Tom Worstall wrote that the Brexit vote was about the United Kingdom “not joining the monster of the European Union to come.” The Bible tells of a Beast monster that will arise in the end times in Europe. Dr. Thiel cites news reports, as well as the Old and New Testaments, to show that the monster many fear will arise in Europe, despite the vote by the British to exit the European Union.

A written article of related interest is titled “Is a Brexit a step towards a monstrous militaristic superstate?”

16 thoughts on “There’s silly, there’s Ritchie and then there’s crazed”

  1. Without endorsing the rest of the article–have not the EU just announced their plan to become a superstate?

  2. That’s one of the problems with Biblical literalists. They start failing to see nuance in all other writing as well.

    A minor one compared to them being utter nutcases, but hey …

  3. We may all smile at this, but at least his religious belief is not requiring him to let off bombs and machine guns in hatred for innocent people who do not share his fanaticism.

  4. Mr X,

    Juncker has never concealed his desire for an EU superstate. The others (Merkel, etc.) are more reluctant.

  5. Tim

    How is this contention any more deranged than a standard Murphy post? It seems at least within the realms of possibility rather than the total fantasy the sage of Ely churns out?

  6. Well you learn something new every day.

    I thought the view that the EU was the seven-horned and ten-headed beast (not sure if I got that the right way around) in Revelation to portend the end times and the doom of humanity was the overwhelming majority opinion among Brexiteers.

  7. No Biggie we just think they are scum.

    CM and socialism in general might be Satanic–if such an entity exists.

  8. Funny how a man off his tits on some Greek island a thousand or two years ago could predict all this stuff.


  9. Pretty obvious that a superstate is the goal. What do they think “ever closer union” means?

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    We already have a St Timothy. Incidentally, 1 Timothy 2:11–15 is bloody good value if you want to wind up a God-botherer, especially if they happen to be a female teacher.

  11. BiG>

    Despite the impression some around here must give, it’s nowhere near as polarised as the media prefer to make out. This country is pretty evenly split between those who think that as bad as the EU is, it’s just about worthwhile being in, and those who think that as many benefits as being in it brings, the EU is just too fucked-up to remain a part of. Apart from a few loonies at either end, that’s as strong as in and out views get.

  12. Rob, funny how a man can see through the mists of time – not so difficult if it was only two years ago, difficult if a thousand years ago, and amazing indeed if you can discern that he was “off his tits” after the nearly two millennia that seems accepted by biblical scholars. Or did Dave help you out with his omniscience?

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