This does make me snigger a bit

Exclusive MPs should be allowed to breastfeed in the Commons, as John Bercow set to rip up rule book and take on sexism in Parliament

So, err, allowing something that only one sex can do is taking on sexism? (Note that the headline changes between front page and article).

The bit that interests me…..under what dispensation do not elected people get to enter the Commons in session? They might be babies but still….

15 thoughts on “This does make me snigger a bit”

  1. That little shitehouse Bercow is another target that BluLabour should have long ago moved to destroy.

    Just as BluLab would be well advised to put the boot to the remaining Camoron gang in the HoC –via mass de-selection. A recall method is urgently needed.

    The Cabbage Eating Cow won’t of course because she hasn’t the brains and is a remain numpty herself. If she doesn’t I suspect she will regret it.

  2. Agreed Tim. And I would ask, if we should permit something only one sex can do in order to.combat sexism, what purelyale.activity does Speaker Berrow think should also be allowed in the chamber, for members?

  3. John Malpas, I suspect that MPs may vote that one down for fear of having their own predilections exposed.

  4. “The review was conducted by Sarah Childs, a professor of gender and politics at Bristol University, who was seconded to Parliament for a year to address the issue of sexism in Parliament.”

    So no agenda then. If breastfeeding is allowed in parliament, what happens to the nipper before/after it is fed? If it is allowed to remain in the sitting, what about all the other dependent children, and why stop there? Some MPs have elderly parents and spouses who need constant care..,.

  5. If screaming babies interrupt passings of shitty laws I’m all for it.

    But in all seriousness, these clowns consider themselves professionals and demand they are paid likewise but what other job, professional or not actually, would allow people to bring their babies to work?

  6. Presumably the babies aren’t just going to be breast-fed – they’re surely not going to have a rule “be always breastfeeding your kid or gerrem out or the chamber”?

    So presumably even the chaps can bring a baby, give it a cuddle and a lullaby, clean up when baby is sick over their suit etc.

    Is this kind of thing now the norm in business conferences (at least in, let’s say, California or Sweden) and civil service meetings?

  7. Why not have toddlers running around the despatch box, throwing tantrums, etc.

    And if babies are allowed, why not bed-ridden elderly relatives who need constant care?

  8. Try reading the whole report. “Prof Childs has also said that if parties fail to ensure at least half of of their candidates are women before the 2020 election, new legislation should be introduced to allow for quotas in 2025.”
    So no men should be allowed to stand as Independents!!
    You can have an all-women slate of candidates but not one where the Conservatives have 325 men and 324 women, or 316 and 315 excluding Ulster, since they don’t stand against The Speaker.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    “Why not have toddlers running around the despatch box, throwing tantrums, etc.”

    We already have that. They’re called anti-Corbyn Labourites.

  10. “Why not have toddlers running around the despatch box, throwing tantrums, etc.”

    “We already have that. They’re called anti-Corbyn Labourites.”

    or Heselteenies


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