This is an indication, isn’t it?

Jeremy Corbyn believes he can win the Labour leadership by a landslide as it emerged that more than 180,000 people have paid £25 to vote in the contest.

It’s not the supporters of the PLP signing up, is it?

It’s also more than a useful chunk of change. It’s £25 each isn’t it?

9 thoughts on “This is an indication, isn’t it?”

  1. After costs they’re left with a few million quid. That’ll have to last them a few years: they can’t shake down the members for £25 every year. How much does it cost to run a modern political party anyway?

  2. It’s comedy on a grand scale. I look forward to David Lammy’s coronation as leader of SDP 2.0.

    Funniest of all is the way that certain Labour MPs, middle-of-the road or even Blairite types, followed Owen Jones’s suggestion last year that Jeremy should be on the ballot in token of recognizing all shades of opinion in the party. So they voted for the barmy old fart in an act of typically socialist condescension, never dreaming for one second that he might actually win, and thereby opened the gates of hell.

    That followed a long series of foot-shootings, beginning perhaps with devolving power to Scotland, and crowned by Ed Miliband’s changes to the rules so that anyone or his goldfish could pay £3 and have a say in leadership elections. Presumably the new £25 charge is meant to exclude right-wing jokers this time, but doesn’t the increase discriminate most frightfully against the poor and downtrodden? Jezza should denounce it, surely.

  3. There have been some marvellous tales on Twitter of the poor and downtrodden pawning wedding rings, pets, children etc to raise the £25 to vote for Saint Jeremy. All of them bollocks of course: just going without fags for three days would have covered it.

    Anyway, good luck to the old boy. It’s win/win whoever, er, wins. If St Jeremy of Hamas triumphs, the Labour Party tears itself to shreds. If Smith wins, his opposition to Brexit will lead to his annihilation in the General Election.

  4. I’m far from convinced that Labour constituencies voting for Brexit will transfer to them voting UKIP (or whoever) rather than Labour. It’s like how Wellington’s horse used to bray every time it saw a red coat, but with a rosette instead.

  5. Buy a vote for £25?

    In the Labour Party it’s called ‘democracy’

    In Africa they call it ‘vote rigging’

    I just call it totally unacceptable…

  6. Owen smith should be well aware that there’s only so much crap people will take as he lost his first attempt at becoming an MP when the central party pissed off the local branch.

    The recent BBC article making Owen out to be just a normal, everyday, typical person was hysterical though, filtered wonderfully through the BBCs one of us lens

  7. I lost a reselection after my local party membership doubled – all the new members were supporters of the other chap. You can’t be certain all these new members are Cobynistas.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    This is as much fun as a flaming bus full of clowns driving over the edge of a cliff. In fact it’s nearly identical.

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