This is good news isn’t it?

Meanwhile the gap between Britain’s poorest households and those on medium incomes has fallen to the lowest level for 20 years.

Should be median of course but still. A smaller gap between the average and the poor means the poor are doing better, no?

Poverty is relative?

9 thoughts on “This is good news isn’t it?”

  1. Is it? If poverty is relative and income differentials are reducing, then most of us are getting poorer. Can we blame Brexit?

  2. Depends. Might be an all-but-the-lucky-few-are-poor economy developing.

    Which is what Mises said happens under inflationism by the way. Wipeout of the middle class.

  3. The redefinition of inequality as Poverty must have been one of the great job-creation schemes of all time – for Social “Scientists”.

  4. The article is full of Newspeak. It reveals, but tries to spin, the folly that Brown’s determination to maximise the number feeling grateful to the socialist state has resulted in many people on benefits being better-off than those working for a living – and that is before you adjust for travel-to-work expenses – which Osborne’s reforms have done little to correct.
    No wonder that the benefit cap was so popular among the working class.

  5. “Which reference moved? The poorest income going up, or the median coming down?”

    According to LBC today, the median came down.

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