This isn’t actually junk food though

So, the Mail on junk food:

Junk food-loving fathers raise their future daughters’ risk of breast cancer

Entirely possible, obviously. It’s the illustration though:


I’m happy enough to call the ground cows’ arseholes that make up the average fast food burger junk food. But that’s not that…..that’s ground beef (as in, you know, beef!) with cheese, salad and bread.

Not much that’s junk food about that.

And why am I feeling hungry?

14 thoughts on “This isn’t actually junk food though”

  1. And don’t forget the bacon.

    But seriously. You see what the press says about diet and you expect them to be accurate about what looks like a decent, if sizeable (although being careful about perspective – the food is a lot closer to the camera than the face) burger?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Rather crap Photoshop editing to superimpose that burger on the face plus what SE says, messing about with perspective.

    Junk food has come to mean anything the big company hating food fascists don’t approve.

  3. It is junk food because working class people tend to eat it.
    I think BiND is closer – it’s any food that the bien-pensant look down upon (which means that it will vary from country to country or even within countries.) We just get the mono-focus from the Guardian and its fellow-travellers within the metropolitan quinoa worshipping community.

    Plenty of people they would decry as evil capitalist exploiters eat “junk food” too, even if they might spend somewhat more for better quality (Donald Russell burgers at £12.50 per kilo, for example.)

    As an partially relevant aside, the latest Which magazine slates the “Heston Blumenthal Sage” toaster.

  4. A well made, proper cheeseburger is one of the most balanced meals you can get – burger for protein, cheese for dairy, salad for your greenery and goodness etc. The bun is about the least nutritious part of it (if you’re a proponent of the LCHF diet). The problem these days is finding a good quality burger on sale in eateries, although it’s definitely getting better…….

  5. SE,

    McDonalds is hated because it ticks so many bien pensant hate boxes:big business, bright and colourful, American, eaten by the working class (but doesn’t have romantic working class credentials like fish and chips), not very healthy. You couldn’t invent a better Emmanuel Goldstein for Guardianistas if you tried.

    Heston Blumenthal is just chef gimmickry. My father-in-law has eaten there and said it was rubbish.

  6. “ground cows’ arseholes”

    I once worked at a packing plant in western Canada. McDonalds bought from us and were the pickiest bastards ever. They were not content with the government inspectors occasional visits but had their own full time inspector.

    Ferret faced eagle eyed prick he was too.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    My local supermarket sells half-pound Angus patties. They’ve a decent fat percentage, like 20%, so they’re juicy and don’t fall apart. One of those grilled as hot as you can get on a nice big bun, with caramelised onions, lots of bacon, Dijon mustard, Gruyère and a couple of pickle chips is one of the finest meals known to mankind. Anyone who says different is a wrong ‘un and needs watching.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    That is American cheese, SJW, which really should have quotes or an asterisk viz. American “cheese” or American cheese*

    * disclaimer: contains no actual cheese.

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