This will be lots of fun

Senior Labour rebels are so convinced that Jeremy Corbyn will win the leadership contest that they are planning to elect their own leader and launch a legal challenge for the party’s name.

Leading moderates have told The Telegraph they are looking at plans to set up their own “alternative Labour” in a “semi-split” of the party if Mr Corbyn remains in post.

The move would see them create their own shadow cabinet and even elect a leader within Parliament to rival Mr Corbyn’s front bench and take on the Tories.

Tee hee. The scramble for the front bench on the opposition side every day.

And what will actually matter is who keeps the red rosette, given how many will vote for dead donkeys wearing one.

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  1. As long as we operate FPTP (which I voted to keep), any attempt to split Labour would be catastrophic for both for the ‘leavers’ and the ‘remnants’. Both sides could end up with fewer seats than the LibDems (perhaps an exaggeration, but only a slight one).

    Some members of the PLP clearly aren’t very bright, but are they really that dumb?

  2. It’s not just the name though. There are all the local councillors, the MEPs, the party’s assets, buildings, youth wing, etc. If you launch a new party you have none of that. Hence the importance of keeping control of the existing party, no matter how unelectable.


    Except weirdly they won’t be, technically.

    Anyway, I see with the recent legal challenge (failed), and this wheeze that the Blairites have the same opinion of the Law as they did when in office.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    And these people want us to think they are grown up enough to form a Government and run the country. Delusional or what?

    It’s nothing to do with policies, time and again the electorate have punished warring parties, as the Tories demonstrated in the late 90s and 2000s.

  5. If they want to go back to socialist tradition, it’ll be the Peoples Democratic Labour Party

  6. I think they know that BiND.

    But if they are to become electable they have to lose the Corbyn/Momentum types. United in insanity is even worse than disunited and trying to do the right thing.

  7. If we’re talking serious machiavelli what are the lib-dem rules for leader? Join up then elbow fallon out, get official opposition status. goodbye corbyn to the back benches.

  8. They won’t be able to get the name. Corbyn’s running the party they were part of, by rules of that party.

    They could pick another name, but they really do risk splitting the vote and creating a lot of confusion.

    And really, who’s the “senior” people in Labour? It seems to me that there was a generation of people who were, at least, politically capable in Labour at one time like Blair, Mandelson, Straw, Brown, Campbell and Blunkett. Who is there today? Hilary Benn is the only one. Who else has that “senior” thing? Yvette Cooper? She’s like a wet fart.

    If UKIP do the smart thing and elect Steven Woolfe, we could see a rather different parliament in the next decade. Not saying Labour will be wiped out, but some bits of the North could go purple.

  9. Isn’t the Labour Party a corporation, and the MPs just its officers?
    If there is to be a split it should be decided by the shareholders, the members. Is it still £4?

  10. Tom, the Labour party is unincorporated and the £3 scheme (now £25, dreadful inflation under Tory misrule!) was for registered supporter status not membership.

  11. “And what will actually matter is who keeps the red rosette, given how many will vote for dead donkeys wearing one.”

    And who gets the millions in taxpayer money as official opposition.

  12. No wonder none of these types believe in people and markets.

    I’m reminded of a pen of crazed ferrets, chewing the first face it can reach in manic frustration.

    No resemblance to civilised human beings at all.

  13. Gareth, what happens if Corbyn expels the splitters from the Labour party? Depending on how many left, and if they were expelled by Corbyn, the SNP might become the official Opposition. How weird would that be?

  14. For fun purposes only.
    Lib dem rules for leader are quite sensible. You need 10% of parliamentary party to be on a ballot that members elect from. Also If a majority of lib dem MPs back a vote of no confidence you’re out.
    So in house of cards style manoeuvre.
    1.172 Lab MPS (no. who voted no confidence in Corbyn) resign Labour. Join Lib dems.
    2.Vote out Fallon.
    3. Ensure no native lib dem gets on the ballot (they need 10% so they need 18 and there are only 8 of them)
    = Hey presto- 2nd largest party, a leader of your choice and a party infrastructure.
    Ok some smoothing over but not too much – you’ve got rid of most of your loonies.

  15. MyBurningEars: doesn’t the membership have any say?

    I understand that a few years ago the Labour Party were in debt. I wonder how a ‘new’ Labour will get by on a reduced budget if there are to be two parties. I don’t see any of the current troughers taking a pay — and expenses cut!

  16. BTW, re my previous post, I know MPs are paid and have an expenses allowance from HMG. It’s the extras I was thinking of.

  17. Well doesn’t matter when there are only 8 of them. (p.s. actually don’t know too much about Lib dem lunacy -the odd silly conference vote aside,) The only core principle as far as I can see is Europeanism which mightn’t be popular but isn’t loony. Legalising drugs once was thought of as loony but is near to going mainstream and will probably happen eventually . State nannying is rife that is true and laughable given their name but the noobie rebs will be fine with that..
    step 4. get reb supporters to join Liberals.= hostile take over complete.
    step 5. change name to Labia party.
    Step 6. lie down on the bed you have made. .

  18. Hmm. It would be interesting to see the Liberal Party back in Parliament, especially as a larger grouping than the LibDems, but I think it’s unlikely. There’s a growing number of local councils where this is the case though.

    As has been pointed out, the most valuable asset the Labour party have is the brand name. Joining another party or forming another party loses all those voters who automatically make their mark next to the word “Labour” on the ballot paper. Any split in the Labour Party is a trigger for an almighty fight for the brand name.

  19. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    They could pick another name, but they really do risk splitting the vote and creating a lot of confusion.

    Like the SDP in 1983, the Labour right would rather the Tories won than allow the Left an electoral victory.

  20. Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    what happens if Corbyn expels the splitters from the Labour party?

    Corbyn currently lacks the means to do so, and has no need anyway. The splitters are going to face deselection by the membership before the next election.

  21. Isn’t the easiest thing to do to resign from the Labour Party and join the Co-operative Party. Co-operatives are 4th largest in Parliament and if enough leave then they could become 2nd. Given electoral pact with Labour you get to keep your seat without Labour standing against you in the elections but get to sideline the now smaller Labour Party from decision making processes.

    Only real issue is lack of a leader, but relatively easily solved by giving more power to the Spokesperson.

  22. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Surely the easiest thing for the Labour Party to do is admit the jig is up and do a Jonestown-style mass suicide? It would at least show a greater commitment to principles than we’ve seen thus far. When it comes to Leftists, electoral suicide is far too figurative for my tastes.

  23. Hallowed Be,

    It’s not the worst plan, but there’s a lot of inertia. A lot of people will still vote for Labour.

    The big problem is that I don’t believe most MPs care enough. Sure, they’d like to win power, but most of them aren’t willing enough to lose the job. Most of them have nothing to fall back on. This applies especially to most Labour MPs.

  24. Bloke in Costa Rica

    They could always get a job lecturing at City University. It doesn’t appear you need all that much in the way of qualifications or experience.

  25. OK. If they want to join up with the Greens, Nats, Lib Dems and others, then how about – the National Social Democrats & Associates Party?

    John, I thought they had pink backsides?

  26. I thought they had pink backsides?

    That just about sums up the pinkos in the modern Conservative party.

  27. @ BiW
    Those are females.
    It is now deemed politically correct to call blue-bottomed baboons “Mandrills” but you cannot make a political joke about blue-bottomed mandrills

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