This’ll kill a number of businesses

The Czech capital Prague will ban Segway vehicles in its historic centre from early August, Mayor Adriana Krnacova said, after residents complained the two-wheeled electric vehicles were clogging streets and unsafe.

Segway rentals and tour groups are all over the place.

3 thoughts on “This’ll kill a number of businesses”

  1. Couldn’t people swap to electric bikes? It’s we’ll known that God has decreed that no cyclist shall be punished however antisocial his behaviour.

  2. Nah, they’ll switch to those natty “hoverboards” that were so popular back in 2015. They’d be terrible on Prague’s cobbled streets though.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    That the bloke who bought Segway rode one over a cliff and died is, to me, an intermittent source of morbid amusement. Otto von Bismarck himself couldn’t look dignified on one of the bloody things.

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