Those Labour economic advisers

Example: even I was impressed when Corbyn and McDonnell persuaded the best leftwing economists to advise them. I should have known better. “Danny” Blanchflower told me that all he ever heard was “Jeremy is against austerity”. Good, Blanchflower replied, but what policies should we pursue? Answer came there none. Blanchflower resigned. Thomas Piketty never attended a meeting and the whereabouts of Joseph Stiglitz remain a mystery.

Ritchie would have turned up if the expenses were good enough of course.

14 thoughts on “Those Labour economic advisers”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Not much love lost over Seamus Milne, I wonder what he would say if he wasn’t being a good corporate man?

    Not a bad diagnosis of Labours problems, let’s hope nobody listens to him.

  2. Thomas Piketty never attended a meeting…

    Didn’t I read that Piketty hasn’t left the vicinity of the Sorbonne in over a decade? They should have had the meeting in Saint Germaine.

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    the right has taken the opportunity the far left has gifted them to go on the rampage.

    Some rampage.

  4. What a shocker. Labour economic adviser doesn’t know anything about economics. They just know how to make up new taxes and stealth taxes.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Slightly OT.

    I was listening to an interview with an economist on Cato and he was saying that nowhere in the book does Pickerty say why inequality is bad.

  6. What’s the line?

    “I don’t mind going if there’s a lunch provided but I must be fed for the time I’ll waste”

    Wrong season of the year but apt.

  7. …and the whereabouts of Joseph Stiglitz remain a mystery.

    He crashed on my couch a few months ago, and I haven’t been able to get him to move since. He always talks over the characters when I’m trying to watch a movie. Anyone have any ideas?
    I don’t feed him, but he doesn’t look hungry…

  8. Wasn’t the point of having the advisers so that they could say this is what we want to do/achieve/change and they would advise them on suitable policies.
    Logic maybe isn’t Danny’s strong point it seems

  9. Ritchie has jumped ship (why? Didn’t John McDonnell give him a job or something?) and is busy flashing his ankles at Owen Smith. Apparen’t ly all that tax avoidance and neoliberalism in business practice he regularly condemns other for should not be held against Owen Smith – who is just great

  10. Cohen still seems to think that Corbyn’s middle class supporters are motivated by a desire to make unattractive socialist policies that would punish them financially.

    Hanlon’s razor would suggests a different explanation: some middle class people support Corbyn because they are grunting morons. Having a degree in no way counts against this.

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