Timmy Elsewhere

Radio 4 Food Programme.

About 17.30 in.

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  1. Well said. I couldn’t believe Professor Tim Lang claiming we couldn’t import food from Africa because “I though Africa had a problem and it needed to feed itself?”

    Ah, that would be Professor Tim Lang of City University. That institution really knows how to choose them.

    You could do with a better microphone though. The audio lacked bass tones.

  2. I think tariffs on imports from Africa are a moral evil. People who believe in an autarkic Africa are not doing that continent a favour at all.

  3. Let me just check this, in case I’m going completely stark raving fucking mad: Tim Lang thinks people are going to sell food for money and starve rather than eating it? That’s what he’s saying?

    And just to back up a point: I think a lot of Remain people simply DO NOT understand the point about trade being with Jacques or Joachim. I had arguments with people about “trade deals” and realised that they thought trade happened because of them, rather than them creating restrictions.

  4. Bedwetters doesn’t quite cover it, from the tone of these people you’d think we were about to do decimatus.

  5. Damn you Tim! Damn You!

    I knew I hadn’t listened to the Beeb for years for a reason!

    Feel dirty now listening to a wall of whinge like that.

  6. The Remainers are starting to spread this meme that unilateral free trade is “a dangerous fantasy”. It appears to have come from Martin Wolf’s critique of Patrick Minford’s research suggesting an increase in GDP of 3-4%, rather than a shrinking of the economy which has become the received wisdom. How is it that the Remainders are able to dismiss this research so glibly, and shouldn’t Minford et al and the so-called Economists for Brexit start being a bit more proactive now? As our host points out, unilateral free trade doesn’t really require any “negotiation”, it just does what it says on the tin.

  7. “Tim Lang of City University.”

    So the count of those we are aware of: that woman who lied to fuck up the career of that famous scientist, this chap, Murphy. What a fucking shower. Imagine being a real academic working at that place.

  8. “What a fucking shower. Imagine being a real academic working at that place.”

    Are there any?

  9. I am rather ashamed of my alma mater.

    In my mitigation I did engineering and had nothing to do with the dismal sciences.

  10. There’s a collector’s item – someone (Timmy) talking sense on a BBC programme.

    I feel dirty for another reason – Tim Lang is a friend of a friend – I think I may even have met him and shaken his hand.

    Clever people can be all kinds of stupid, can’t they?

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