Wait for the other shoe to drop here

The criminalisation of sex workers in England and Wales should come to an end, a cross-party committee of influential MPs has recommended.

In an interim report published on Friday, the home affairs select committee, which launched an inquiry into prostitution earlier this year, said the Home Office should immediately change existing legislation so that soliciting is no longer an offence and brothel-keeping laws allow sex workers to share premises. While prostitution is in itself legal in the UK, such related activities currently are not.

Not wholly sure about soliciting myself, have a feeling that’s something that could usefully be retained as a petty offence.

Yeah, I know, odd. But something that people do complain about, and it’s fair that they do, is an area taken over by street walkers approaching all and sundry. Not in hte streets and not frightening the horses doesn’t sound unreasonable to me.

However, the basic thrust (fnarr, fnaar) here is fine. The problem is that it’s only one shoe, we need the other to drop:

With regards to changing the laws on buying sex, the inquiry will continue, and the committee will seek further evidence on the impacts of recently introduced laws in Northern Ireland and France, as well the model of regulation used in New Zealand.

I’d give you odds on that they will recommend the Nordic model. Legal to sell, illegal to buy. The idiots.

The English Collective of Prostitutes, which has been campaigning for the decriminalisation of prostitution and for sex workers’ rights and safety, welcomed the committee’s report. A spokeswoman said: “We’re absolutely delighted.

They’re laying a trap for you honeys.

There are estimated to be about 72,800 sex workers in the UK – 32,000 of whom are in London – and about 11% of British men aged 16-74 have paid for sex on at least one occasion. Sex workers have an average of 25 clients per week paying an average of £78 per visit.

So not 100,000 Vietnamese in the nail bars alone then?

And 95 million tricks a year? Call it 30 million adult males (close enough) That’s three tricks each a year. Or if only 10% ever go, then 30 per year from those who ever go.

But of course that’s absurd, it won’t be a 100% of lifetime participants taking part each year. Call it what, 10% of that? 1% of the adult male population are regular punters? That’s nearly one trick per day per punter. sure, mix and match the numbers as you like, maybe it’s 20% of lifetime users who are regulars, 50%. But it still looks very high as a number, doesn’t it?

Either that or there’s a heck of a lot of tourists involved. But even that doesn’t really solve it as some portion of that 11% of UK partakers will only have done so abroad.

There is a way to make these numbers balance out. Which is to assume that they’ve taken the punter and tricks number from the very busiest in the trade and then applied it to all. Work isn’t going to be 4.3 weeks a month, there’s an awful lot of part timers out there. Still difficult to work out the actual numbers but run it back the other way.

11% of adult males have once ever. Say that 10 to 20% of those are regular consumers. 300 k to 600 k once a week. 4-8 tricks a week for the average working girl. No, obviously that’s not the average workload of someone working full time in a massage sauna etc. But across all offering the service that might be a rather better estimation.

Simply cannot see 95 million tricks a year from 3 million blokes who have ever partaken as being correct.

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  1. Indeed. The comittee is the creature of Kat Banyard’s criminalisation pressure group End Demand. The Nordic Model is a foregone conclusion, I’m afraid.

    The announcement first of “legalisation” measures is just following the same bait and switch as Canada.

    I look forward to the government legalising the sale of heroin and crack, on the same basis. If your kids buy it, it’s their fault for creating demand and will go to jail.

  2. And May is just the dozy, arrogant bitch to sail the Nordic–or No-Dic as it might better be called–right on through into law.

  3. bloke (temporarily not) in spain

    I’d seriously doubt that 32,000 figure for London, for a start. I just plugged a Central London postcode into AdultWork & got the results for a 25 mile radius. That’s an area containing all of what anyone might consider “London” plus girls might be working in London, at times. Got a result of just under 5000. And I know a lot of those listings will be dead. Three of them are for girls currently in Spain, for a start
    Then there’s multiple listings. Most girls will have more than one phone. AW’s the major resource but there’ll be girls advertising on CraigsList & Vivastreet etc. But they do it under different names with different numbers. So they can see where the enquiries are coming from.
    Of course, there’s also the agencies. But if you look at the agency sites, you’ll see the same girl girl on several agencies under different names. Then there’s “massage parlours” etc. But there really aren’t that many of them.
    Street girls? Are there any, now? There were two recognised areas reasonably close to where I used to live in North London. One died off a dozen years ago. Do you still get girls back of KingsX station, since the area was redeveloped? There probably weren’t much more than 15 at any one time, even then.
    And you really have to take anything girls say about their level of work with a pinch of salt. They’re not even honest with themselves. It’s how they’re assessing their own popularity. How good they are at what they do. Their raison d’etre. If they’re all as successful as they tell you they are, why are they always looking for work? Why are they always skint?

  4. With the whole BRExit thing you’d have thought we could stop with these foreign ideas which don’t work abroad let alone here.

    I seem to recall that the Swedish model as it actually works in Sweden also includes prosecuting (in theory at least) Swedish sex tourists when they return home.

    Because if we’re going to make it illegal here for the John’s to buy sex, but they can go over to Berlin and get the all day variety pack from FKK Artemis in Berlin for €80, then why wouldn’t they?

    However, that is going to upset the local trade isn’t it?

    I agree with Ian B (as per usual), the girls are being setup for a fall. Regardless of the real numbers of tricks per girl, expect the numbers to fall rapidly.

    …or will we be going for what is really the French model?

    “Sorry officer, but you are mistaken. I am merely paying this scantily clad young lady to play cards.”, with any sex that might happen being totally unrelated.

  5. John Galt,

    In Sweden, the process is the prosecution. It’s “pay the fine quietly” or “we take you to court and your wife knows what you’ve been up to”. Go on, explain to your wife that you were playing cards with a young woman in stockings and suspenders.

    So, yeah, it’s basically blackmail.

  6. Bloke no Longer in the Clap Clinic

    With Brexit, does that mean that punters won’t have the choice of French, Swedish or Greek anymore ?

  7. So then there’s the pornography question. Can you pay a woman to have sex as a pornographic performer, if you have a camera in the room?

    “We’re not fucking. We’re acting”.

  8. £78 per client times 25 clients per week times 52 weeks per year equals £101,400 per year. Average.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke no Longer in the Clap Clinic – “With Brexit, does that mean that punters won’t have the choice of French, Swedish or Greek anymore ?”

    I may be a naive country boy at heart, but while I know what French and Greek may mean, I am not sure about Swedish.

    Is that where you pay £80 to be berated by some lesbian for exploiting Third World sex slaves before being shamed in front of your local community?

  10. Bloke no Longer in the Clap Clinic


    Nearly. Your’e thinking of Danish, which involves being berated by a midget lesbian who thinks she’s a comedienne.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke no Longer in the Clap Clinic – “Nearly. Your’e thinking of Danish, which involves being berated by a midget lesbian who thinks she’s a comedienne.”

    Well it could be fun. I wouldn’t know myself but in the circumstance I will take the word of Mr Whitney Houston:


    ‘Let me say the night with the midget blew my mind. You can do things that aren’t just possible with an average-sized woman,’ he revealed in his new tell all book.

    Internal bleeding perhaps?

    Ian B – “Swedish is 1970s sex involving Blue Nun and Abba on the stereo.”

    That sounds like all 70s sex. I mean, who hasn’t done that?

  12. Dear Mr Worstall

    Legalise selling sex, criminalise buying – a brilliant solution for the modern British state, the main purpose of which is to punish the public.

    Enterprising ladies may try a little blackmail to boost their income. Picking the wrong punter might mean getting murdered, but from the state’s point of view it’s win-win: a bigger crime, a poor dead working girl to wring their hands over and demands for bigger penalties on the vile punters.

    So no downside, then.


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