Was wondering if this would happen

Statement from Nigel Farage

I have decided to stand aside as Leader of UKIP. The victory for the ‘Leave’ side in the referendum means that my political ambition has been achieved. I came into this struggle from business because I wanted us to be a self-governing nation, not to become a career politician.

The peerage ought to be a done deal but will they actually give him one?

19 thoughts on “Was wondering if this would happen”

  1. He’ll be leader again by teatime.

    On the off-chance that doesn’t happen, I hope Stephen Woolfe replaces him.

    I can’t imagine anyone wanting to give Farage a peerage. They all loathe him.

  2. Perhaps he intends to re-join the Tory party. That would give him a shot at the job of Prime Minister.

  3. Fair play to him. I’ve been involved in trying to get us out of the EU for 30 + years, and I can’t think of anyone who has had to put up with such constant abuse. Even Sked got away without too much, and I found him a more prickly character if I’m honest. I haven’t always agreed with him, or Goldsmith. Perhaps that is the hard edge or the innate nature needed of anyone trying to slay the EU dragon.

  4. You have to like that: mission achieved so he’s stepping down.

    I’ve always maintained that UKIP could have won the last election if they had just promised to have a referendum and then call another general election.

  5. The Inimitable Steve

    I love Nigel almost as much as it’s possible for one heterosexual bloke to love another man he’s never met, but I’d feel better about him declaring victory and stepping down if we’d actually left the bloody EU first.

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    Theo – Depends what happens next. If the Tories are smart (I know) they’ll pick someone like Gove, get us out of the EU, and begin seriously addressing some of the other reasons why 4m voters chose UKIP in the last GE.

    If they’re not smart they’ll pick May, backslide on Art 50 or agree to some shitty deal that keeps us in the EU in all but name, and fuel more right wing insurgencies to come.

    And if they thought Farage was a pain in the arse, they really won’t like Farage 2.0

  7. May would be the continuation of Cameron by another name. I presume she’s planing to keep George ’emergency budget’ Osborn?

    The Tories need to pick someone who can win in 2020, May would be keeping Brown company in the club of Prime Ministers who never won an election.

  8. “Not a well man, so the chit-chat goes.”

    Indeed. I heard he wanted to retire from politics some time ago – a bad back following his plane crash means he’s in constant pain – but was persuaded not to. Good luck to him.

  9. He took a significant pay cut getting into politics. Not sure if he can still go back to metal trading.

    Nah. Trading tends to be a young man’s game. Anyway, things have moved on in the metals market (both base and precious), since Nigel’s time.

  10. Theo–you and the rest of the BluLab membership need to kick the Darling Dud of May up the arse and away to hell before you come crowing.

  11. Ecksy and TIS

    I wasn’t crowing – just making the point that Farage held UKIP together. No Farage, no UKIP, because they’ll fight like rats in a sack when he’s gone. Which is a pity, because UKIP could destroy Labour and move the centre ground of UK politics rightward.

    So I’m sorry that Farage has gone. A great, if flawed, man. I just wish he’d remained UKIP’s leader until we knew that there wouldn’t be an early general election and article 50 had been triggered.

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