We more normally associate surveillance with a different economic and political ideology Mr. Stone

Film director Oliver Stone has branded the popular gaming app Pokémon Go a “new level of invasion” of privacy that could lead to “totalitarianism”.

The American reportedly voiced concerns over the game as he promoted his new movie about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden at Comic-Con International.

After he was asked about security concerns associated with Pokémon Go, Stone said companies were carrying out “surveillance capitalism” by monitoring people’s behaviour.

Voluntarily telling a capitalist company where I am in return for some fun is rather different from the Cuban system of Block Captains who monitor everyones’ movements involuntarily, no?

Possibly even a difference in kind rather than just one of magnitude?

11 thoughts on “We more normally associate surveillance with a different economic and political ideology Mr. Stone”

  1. I used to like Oliver Stones films – he really did have a great run in his prime. Rewatched JFK recently and sure, as history it’s utter nonsense, but it’s an absolutely ace political thriller.

    But he’s become a droning pompous bore in the last 15 odd years – which also happens to be the time when he stopped making good films.

  2. Seems to me that as the technology develops this kind of Augmented Reality stuff is going to be a good fit for LARPing.

  3. Winning formula for maximising PR when releasing a new film?

    Link your “Piece Of Shit” with the leading news story of the day/week in such a way as to generate headlines.

  4. I hate that Google spies on me. I love Google Maps. I love Google Maps more than I hate Google spying on me.

    It’s a choice I made.

    I don’t like NSA spying on me. I get nothing for giving up my privacy. I was not only never given a choice, the Constitution says they aren’t supposed to be spying on me, yet they do it anyway. Perfidious Washington.

  5. Oliver Stone is still alive! At our vets reunion (Thursdays at the Old Packhorse, IYAI) we play a game of most surprising survivor. Ollie could be a candidate.

    (My entry next time is Jake la Motta. Raging Bull still going strong at 95. I hope.)

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