Well, it sorta depends really

The former wife of a Russian oligarch is heading for the London courts to try to secure what experts predict could be a “stratospheric” settlement that would cement the UK’s reputation as the country favoured by the ultra-rich for their divorce disputes.

The larger the settlement the less one half of any future cases would like it to be heard in London.

13 thoughts on “Well, it sorta depends really”

  1. Divorce is not a conviction.

    “That all grants and promises of fines and forfeitures of particular persons before conviction are illegal and void…”

    (Bill of Rights 1689)

  2. bloke (temporarily not) in spain

    “Divorce is not a conviction.”
    More like time off for bad behaviour. Sentence commuted to time served.

  3. Even worse, given that it’s not usually ordered for the less-wealthy to pay to the one with the big cash, I’m guessing that larger settlements aren’t “favoured by the ultra-rich” at all.

  4. The late Robin Williams described divorce as “From the latin divorcerum – translated as having your genitals ripped out through your wallet..”

  5. Had my X taken me to a British court, there would still not have been a stratospheric settlement.

    More of a Russian oligarch story than a British courts story.

  6. This is a strong reason for any intelligent oligarch or mega rich foreigner not to live in London so that no UK connection is established that would give the London courts jurisdiction

  7. Doesn’t the divorce have to happen in the jurisdiction where the marriage was registered? Genuine question.

  8. No, divorce should take place in the jurisdiction of resident at the time of the divorce.

    Thus divorce in Scotland if you were rich at marriage already……assets not earned during the marriage are not considered in a divorce settlement.

  9. Its strong reason for any intelligent man with money/wealth to never get married, thats what it is.

  10. Depends on who has choice of jurisdiction.

    I believe it’s the petitioner that chooses.

  11. A divorce lawyer i know said his advice to every man – “if you’re not married, don’t get married. If you’re married, stay married”.

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