Well, yes, quite probably

Flight MH370: Investigators believe they have been looking in the wrong place, reports Reuters

We’ve been looking in the wrong place, MH370 search team says

I’d say that’s somewhere between a probability and a slam dunk myself.

After all, it’s not in the places they’ve been looking, is it?

8 thoughts on “Well, yes, quite probably”

  1. Dunno. How many times do go looking for something & eventually find you’ve been staring at it for half an hour without seeing it?

  2. Once you have looked in all the places it ISN’T then the only place left will be where it IS.

    I’ll check behind my sofa tonight so they can cross that off their list.

  3. Apparently walking around saying ‘Keys keys keys’ (when looking for keys) helps the brain recognise what you are looking for. So perhaps they should try that…….

  4. When we were young, if we lost a golf ball/cricket ball/tennis ball, we’d chuck a second in the same general direction in hopes it would lead us to the first.

    Though I admit that would be a pricey policy for an aircraft.

  5. There was a programme (on Channel 5?) fairly soon after the flight disappeared which made what seemed like a reasonable argument that they were looking in the wrong place.

  6. They’re playing politics. They’re trying to set everyone up for the fall when it turns out they picked the wrong search area. Then, when they call the search off, they’re apparently going to release all the data, which means someone with inch-thick glasses, a bit of money and a complete obsession will find it and they’ll wonder why they didn’t start with that in the first place.

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