What a wonderful word – crorepati

United Spirits has more crorepatis than Wipro, 52 executives earned more than Rs 1 crore last year

South Asian numbering uses lakh and crore. Crore is 10 million, or, in rupees converted to $, call it $150,000.

Pati means “master” or “lord”.

Crorepati. Literally, manager who earns $150 k a year or more.

Our little game for the day – what’s a proper English translation of that?

Corporate fat cat? Don’t know if crorepati really has the derogative implications of that. Anyone?

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  1. Crorepati (or Lakhpati) is much closer in meaning to ‘millionaire’ – in relation to the respective amount – than ‘fat cat’ etc. Although it’s sometimes used in relation to annual earnings rather than net worth.

  2. High earner.
    A fat cat is usually fat because it is idle: some crorepatis are paid a crore because they work hard.

  3. As Chris said, it’s used as we’d use “millionaire” to suggest someone is wealthy, but not in a pejorative way ( this knowledge is 20 years old – things may have changed in local Indian usage!)

  4. So we now go myriad (10k), lakh (100k), million, crore.

    I suppose they’ll have their uses, but how many people could even tell you what the literal, as distinct from figurative, meaning of “myriad” is?

  5. Then again, how many sports commentators know the meanings of mediocre, average, or ordinary? Or, come to that, great.

  6. And the more traditional Indian sources (I think the Times of India still does this) will write 10,000,000 as 1,00,00,000 to reflect the division into crores, lakhs and thousands.

  7. They do, which as a westerner, unless you are reading this stuff every day makes it bloody difficult to look at “1,34,234 crore” and mentally translate that in to a number you understand. The same with 1.23 lakh crore.

    Which, after you’ve then divided by a 100 to get a rough GBP value, means I’ve more than once been a zero out…

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