What bloody French belief in humanity?

Marine Le Pen’s Brexit glee goes against France’s belief in humanity
Agnès Poirier
In France, the goal of ever closer European union has been seen as ‘patriotism for humanity’ since the days of Victor Hugo. The leader of the National Front has other ideas

No Parisian believes that any non-Parisian is fully human.

14 thoughts on “What bloody French belief in humanity?”

  1. Reminds me of that adage about Bavarians: somewhere between an Austrian and a human being. Bismarck, IIRC

  2. bloke (temporarily not) in spain

    Yes. I have a Parisienne cousin behaves exactly like that. That she grew up on an Essex council estate is never mentioned.

  3. “My local bookshop in Paris tells me that Victor Hugo’s political speeches, notably those on Europe, have been selling very well since the UK referendum result.”

    Yes, I’m sure you speak for France, and not some left-bank arrondisement.

  4. Progressive Preening. That ‘humanitarianism’ had the Revolutionaries lining up the ‘bougeois’, men, women and children, in Lyon and mowing them down with cannon within a handful of years.

    Fine words and principles are excellent camoflage for psychotics, and have been so for two centuries.

  5. “In France, the goal of ever closer European union has been seen as ‘patriotism for humanity”

    Who cares what the French think about anything?

  6. Patriotism for Humanity, but with some nations being more equal than others.

    I’ll believe this sort of guff when key EU appointments are made without reference to the candidate’s nationality. And without whining from Paris.

  7. The Inimitable Steve

    I had no idea the author of LEZ MISERABLIES, who died in 1885, was such a big fan of a political union that didn’t start coming together till 1958. Holy future tense, Frogman!

    So I had a gander at the far-sighted Frenchie’s Wikipedo page, for a laugh.

    In 1849 he broke with the conservatives when he gave a noted speech calling for the end of misery and poverty.


    So I think we can safely say that, like many writers, Victor Hugo was a bit of a mong when it came to politics.

  8. Bloke no Longet in Austria

    I was listening to the Westminster Hour on R4 last night, which had PY Gerbeau on it. Already in a bad mood after Iceland’s defeat, I had to switch off after he started compalining about xenophobia and hate from the Brexiteers in his “comedy frenchman” accent that we all know is a phoney.

    No you French bastard, it isn’t xenophobia. Our problem with you persoally,PY, is that you deflowered that fine specimen of English womanhood, Kate Sanderson.

  9. “patriotism of humanity”?

    Britain stopped Louis XIV and Napoleon dominating Europe and then Kaiser Bill and Hitler. As a franco-german ramp, the EU is France and Germany’s admission that they can dominate Europe together, even if they cannot dominate it singly. Humanity doesn’t come into it. French agriculture and German manufacturing needed a tariff wall.

  10. Oh, the tariff wall.

    A good response to these irritating accusations of racism and glib facebook wankery is to ask “why does the EU hate Africa so much?”

    Works a treat.

  11. The French wanted to unify Europe well before Victor Hugo.

    Napoleon made a very valiant effort.

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