What did you say her address was?

Alcoholic mom, 36, who threw house party where she played naked Twister with her 16-year-old daughter and teen friends, used sex toys in front of them, had intercourse with man, 18,

Might be worth springing for a bottle of vodka?

10 thoughts on “What did you say her address was?”

  1. Looks surprisingly good as well, I was expecting another one of those horrific fatballs that normally appear in the photos of stories like this.

  2. This is an American case, and thus uses their definition of ‘alcoholic’. Which is what we would call a Sunday lunch.

    To your average Norwegian, this would be breakfast.

    Seriously- it sounds like a party (a wild one) but not an alcoholic binge.

  3. BiW-

    In the USA, “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” is giving alcohol to anyone under 21. World leading Puritan nation, remember.

  4. From the article:

    Lehnardt had been a life-long follower of the Mormon church and had never touched a drop of alcohol before her split from her husband

    Ian B adds:

    Looks surprisingly good as well

    Perhaps the fact that she looks damn fine for 36 is related to her life of sobriety? Perish the thought…

  5. Can’t see this helping AA membership, come join us we will turn you into the police isn’t the best slogan.
    6 years probation seems excessive, but then the Americans do seem to like cumulative counts regardless of if they make sense.

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