Yes, let’s have a teetotaller examining booze sales at airports

The way alcohol is sold in airports is to be examined after a number of recent incidents involving drunk passengers, the new aviation minister has said.
Lord Ahmad said he did not want to “kill merriment”, but that he would “look at” the times alcohol was on sale, and passenger screening.

Nothing could go wrong could it?

22 thoughts on “Yes, let’s have a teetotaller examining booze sales at airports”

  1. The Inimitable Steve

    In one recent case a female passenger punched an Easyjet pilot in the face after being ordered to leave an aircraft before take-off from Manchester.

    That’s just how you express disagreement in Mancunian tho.

  2. Mixed feelings on this. Firstly, anyone who can use the word “merriment” like that has no place in dealing with alcohol or indeed the 21st century.

    However, when I flew out of Manchester earlier this summer I noticed that Jet2 has introduced a “Onboard Together” initiative to combat disruptive behaviour. This basically means you are not allowed to drink your own booze onboard and they have loads of banners up begging the peasantry to behave themselves.

  3. Isn’t there an offence of drunk and disorderly already? Does it not apply in airports?

    And how much of a real problem is it, and not a mountain made out of a molehill by the media?

    Plus what gunker says.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Having seen holiday makers getting tanked up at airports, even at 6am, it made me glad I wasn’t on the same flights or holidaying at the same location.

  5. 442 people is less than 0.0001% of the passengers that would have passed through UK airports in the 2 year period.

    Not surprising the follower of a Medieval cult should use a term like ‘merriment.’

  6. “Isn’t there an offence of drunk and disorderly already? Does it not apply in airports?”

    It does, in spades, especially on aeroplanes.

    A classic case of a problem for which existing legislation is ample, being used to push an entirely different agenda.

  7. “screening”, eh?

    I’m sure this minister would be very, very hostile to “screening” in another, more pressing, matter of security. Oh yes.

    Still, the people getting tanked up are whites, so no problem there. Screen away.

  8. “In one recent case a female passenger punched an Easyjet pilot in the face ”

    I have deepest sympathy for her. It’s only with superhuman restraint, I haven’t.

  9. This was an odd comment: “If you’re a young family travelling on a plane you want to go from point A to B, you don’t want to be disrupted.”

    So if you’re an elderly couple on holiday, or a sales rep travelling for a business meeting, you don’t mind being disrupted?

  10. sounds like his type of family is the one where children are disrupting everyone else.

    I’ll drink to that.

  11. when I am Prime Minister your boarding pass will entitle you to one large Valium from a vending machine in the departure lounge. In which case it may be necessary to ration booze.

  12. “sounds like his type of family is the one where children are disrupting everyone else.”

    Kids today – they blow up so fast…

  13. You’ve got to come into the airport pre-loaded to put up with the ‘security’ jobsworths.
    Living reminders that no-one was press ganged into the Gestapo. Every day those poor bastards have to live with the reality that they missed the boat for the SA and the SS, oh, what could have been!

    More lately I’ve opted to let them play their games without me, I’m done flying unless there’s a very good reason (maybe to get to a hospital in time, but even then I’d think about it).

  14. @Tim Worstall
    “…the new aviation minister has said.”

    Why do we need an aviation minister?

    We need a cull of ministers, ministries and quangos.


  15. 450 passengers in two years???? How many of the UKs population has been arrested in two years for a drinking offence on a Friday or Saturday night; in comparison to the number of passenger boardings at those airports???
    Jeez what problem is there here really?

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    There isn’t one. It just seems to be another click in the ratchet towards making flying just utterly fucking unbearable. I don’t have an axe to grind here, being teetotal, but back when I drank the slightly transgressive idea of having a pint at 7.30 am was rather fun. The free booze on flights used to be to sedate the passengers. I got through eight G+Ts on a flight from Schipol to Bergen one time, no mean feat. The chief thing that dissuaded me from larging it too much in airports was the utterly sinful prices they charged.

  17. Sounds like Utah, where the Mormons run the Alcohol Control Board.

    BTW: for junior economists and policy wonks out there, the state of Utah caps the total number of alcohol licenses, driving up their price … and then the teetotalers have been known to complain about it.

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