You want this game, oh yes you do!

Detective Hayseed : Hollywood!

Featuring a script polished into English by yours truly.

There’re plenty of American actors out here in Czech so we used them to do the voice work. But no one could handle a Pirate accent. Just couldn’t roll that Mummerset with salt off the tongue. So it’s been done in finest Bathonian instead…..what will almost certainly be my one and only acting credit in this life.

What we need to do now of course is actually get it onto the Steam distribution system…..which is where you can help. Click through and go have a look.

18 thoughts on “You want this game, oh yes you do!”

  1. I clicked “Yes”, I would buy this game if it was available on Steam. Looks like a Monkey Island-style graphical adventure which is good for the nostalgia, and the sort of thing I could play with the kids. Plus I want to hear your voice acting!

  2. Tim, can I ask if you got an agency in to do the video? My game’s been Greenlit on Steam and the only thing left for me to do is a trailer video but that’s not my expertise – I’m just a nerdy programmer! I was thinking of looking on a site like UpWork to get a contractor in.

  3. Cool, I love Monkey Island and Grim Fandango type adventure/puzzle games. How can I buy it?

  4. How does the steam greenlight system work then? I’ve heard of it, but never used it before. Is it a Kickstarter type affair?

  5. You’re not committing to buy it, no. It just gives Steam an idea of likely demand so they can decide on resource allocation, whether to list a game eetc.

  6. Thing is Tim, Bath isn’t Somerset so isn’t really West Country is it. So, without having watched you, you’ll have done a good job but not quite got it.

    But well done anyway.

  7. Might want to get someone to fix the description title, though. ‘Dective Hayseed’ looks unfairly amateurish.

  8. “what will almost certainly be my one and only acting credit in this life.”

    But what about all those pornos you did? Are you not counting them because it wasn’t acting?

  9. Tim, if your question was aimed at me, just follow your link and scroll down a bit. Under the video/screenshot slider thing, there’s three headers:

    Release date q3 2016
    Dective Hayseed

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