A short list of the one good song originally written on a ukelele

No, really:

It still always gets me that the drummer and bassist here are the sons of Soupy Sales.

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  1. And the amazing thing is that Iggy Pop wrote this song in about 10 minutes. He never believe in over rehearsing before going into the studio.

    And at his advance age (67) he’s STILL on tour.

  2. In 1943, George Formby was conscripted to make a number of patriotic films to keep up spirits, the film makers often used soldiers as extras. When America joined the war in Europe, George was asked to extend this to American troops and he visited a number of bases, making friends especially with some of the black soldiers. It was during this time that he was introduced to Blues music, which he loved, and which he tried to blend in with his own songs. Unfortunately, the public did not take to this change in his musical direction and only a few songs remain from the demos that he made. He was especially fond of one of the songs that he wrote at this time and often performed it as an encore to his shows. He performed it in 1956 at Christmas in Blackpool and a boy who was taken to the concert as his 11th birthday treat, Ian Kilmister, heard the song and liked it so much that he wrote to Formby for the words and performed it on a cheap guitar that he had been given. The song was called “Ace of Spades” and years later, Kilmister decided to record version of it with his band. Kilmister was by then known as Lemmy and the band were Motorhead. And so it was that George Formby never heard the most famous version of one of his songs and millions of heavy rock fans never realised that their favourite song was by George Formby. Luckily, the original song has been preserved although it’s very scratchy and is available to Formby fans once again on some of his compilation albums such as “129 of the Best Songs.” Bizarrely, in an interview in the Spectator in 1965, the chairman of the George Formby Society revealed that it was the Queen’s favourite song by Formby.


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