An interesting defence

ASwedish police investigator reportedly dropped a sexual assault charge because the two alleged victims had “gigantic breasts”.

Two women reported a professional ice hockey player to police after he allegedly grabbed their breasts at the Marité nightclub in Ostersund, northern Sweden.

But on Tuesday the lead investigator Mikael Lundberg reportedly said there was no proof the player had assaulted the women, or that the man had touched them intentionally.

“It’s pertinent in this case that the women had gigantic breasts,” he told reporters from Expressen newspaper.

“It wasn’t hard to brush up against them. If you’re drunk and draping yourself over someone, well, you can see how it might have happened.”

Swedish broadcaster SVT also reported that Mr Lundberg had told them that one of the girls had “very large breasts and it was hard not to brush against them.”

Sorta, am I brushing them, or are they brushing up against me?

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  1. I think we would really need photographic evidence of the items in question, to be able to judge the validity of the decision.

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