And here’s the problem Keith

Keith Vaz, the Labour chair of the Home Affairs Committee, also said anti-terror legislation ought to be reviewed.

He said: “It is deeply worrying to see the extent of his activities. While congratulating the police in bringing this case to a successful conclusion we now need to look again at the law to ensure that it allows no gaps that permit preachers of hate to undertake their activities under the cloak of freedom of speech exercised in a democracy.

“In future we need to show zero tolerance to those who act and behave in this way.”


Being a nutter isn’t and shouldn’t be a crime. Even being a vicious nutter who hates our way of life is not and should not be a crime.

Pledging allegiance to a terrorist group, which is what he got done for, that is and perhaps it should be.

But what is the change in law that you want to put forward? And how is it going to be drafted to that it catches him and those like him but doesn’t lock up all those who call for the violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie?

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  1. Can you not ne locked up for saying-out loud- that you don’t want diversities in your country?
    And imperil your employment if you denigrate homosexuals, females and others.

  2. I’d be happy with a law that forbade explicitly calling for or advocating the use of violence in our political process – whether by marxist revolutionaries or theocratic terrorists or anyone else.

  3. I’ve recently advocated violence against politicians if the UK ends up participating, against the will of the people, in the 2019 elections to choose a new set of MEPs.

  4. @Andrew Carey

    “the 2019 elections to choose a new set of MEPs.”

    C’mon, think of all those lovely pay-offs. MPs and MEPs can’t be expected to give up those…….I mean it might be against the spirit but it’s certainly within the letter of the law.

  5. Edward Lud

    Interesting: s.44 would seem to do the job. With the emphasis on intention, it seems to cover Marxist revolutionaries and theocratic terrorists while excluding jokes and rants. But somehow I doubt it will be used much.

  6. Yeah but when Keith’s in charge, the law will not be used against the SWP or BLM or any of the other nice Soros front groups calling for the violent overthrow of the state, but will be used against any group with English or National in its name. (And whatever group that nasty Tommy Robinson belongs to these days.)

    What do you mean, “That’s how it works now.”?

  7. The fucking lengths we have to go to to accommodate Islam, just declare it a death cult (which does regular human sacrifice, we see it in the news) and ban it.
    Can’t list the problems that would solve.

  8. Any time someone like Choudhary incites people to violence he/she should be arrested for “conduct liable to lead to a breach of the peace”. Then hit some of the tricksy defence lawyers with “attempting to pervert the course of justice”.
    Who needs new laws – we just need to use the good old-fashioned ones.

  9. Okay so hear me out. It’s not Islam, right? It’s a perversion of Islam.

    So okay, let’s make it an offence to pervert Islam. Identify those mosques where this perverting Islam shit is talked, raze the mosques to the ground, arrest the imams and congregations, seize their funds, jail the cunts on South Georgia where they can have all the man love Thursday and halal free range penguin their stoney little hearts desire.

    South Georgia is 100 miles x 20 miles, so plenty of room.

    Decent muslims will obviously applaud this move against those who pervert their religion – and if they don’t applaud it’s pretty obvious they are themselves perverters. South Georgia awaits.


  10. Simple test.

    Anyone who is not prepared to draw a fvcking cartoon of the prophet (pbuh) to be deported. South Georgia is fine, although Rockall is better.

  11. @ Brave Fart
    Better suggestion – anyone who is not willing to draw a cartoon of Alex Salmond with Nicola Sturgeon to be deported.

  12. BraveFart, I’m unwilling to draw a cartoon because I tend to avoid things I’m crap at. Next you’ll be asking me to dance.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    OK, for the art-challenged, eat a bacon sandwich. This will have the salutary effect of catching all the vegans as well, the sanctimonious cunts.

  14. If the question was “who would you rather invite to your house for dinner with your family, Vaz or Choudhry”, I would invite Anjem every time*.

    He may be an unspeakable shit, but he isn’t Keith Vaz.

    * And not just because, now being banged up at HM pleasure, he wouldn’t be able to accept!

  15. OK, for the art-challenged, eat a bacon sandwich.

    Just remember that you need to provide the bacon yourself. There is that hideous halal turkey bacon stuff (although I’ve never seen it, and certainly never bought it, outside of Saudi.)

  16. Choudhury has run his mouth off. As far as I know he hasn’t actually killed anybody himself.

    Why should we now be having to pay six figures to house a cunt who should be deported back to the oblivion he came from. His bullshit will add little to the rotten RoP cause except to send it prematurely into violence.

    Which is what is waking up the West.

    Our battle is with the scum of the Left. Esp the middle class, well-off, London Bubble and their EU pals CM left. Smash those twats and the RoP can be sent on their way as a sideshow.

  17. I’d be happy with a law that forbade explicitly calling for or advocating the use of violence in our political process – whether by marxist revolutionaries or theocratic terrorists or anyone else.

    I don’t want OGH or Mr Ecks to be locked up.

  18. “Why should we now be having to pay six figures to house a cunt who should be deported back to the oblivion he came from”

    I think he’s from London.

  19. Maybe one of the reasons he stayed out of jail for so long was because as the BBC thought him respectable enough to be on their radio and TV stations about as often as Polly Toynbee, he was OK?

  20. I’m with Pat Condell on this one: he is a valuable public service. Every rant should be broadcast on all BBC TV and radio channels simultaneously. He’s a walking antidote to multiculturalism.

  21. Yes, ban it. When we are obliged to realign our culture to accomodate an alien ideology it’s time to take a good look at where that road ends. They can renounce their religion or leave, neither are very great burdens.

  22. @Tim N: “If there were any justice Keith Vaz would be sharing a cell with that Choudary twat.”

    South Georgia: I’ve been asking for all refugees & illegal immigrants to be sent there to live (like Cali Jungle or C4 Eden) whilst they are vetted for months.

    Good idea to add more of their comrades we don’t want.


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