But, err, grassroots is populism

Only the grassroots can halt populist politics and its dangerous fakery

Our man is slightly missing the point here:

At a time when our parliamentary opposition parties are so weak, waking up can only mean returning to grassroots mobilisation. The March for Europe in London on 2 July showed what can be organised at short notice. About 50,000 people on the streets and more than 1,000 people across the country signed up as volunteers within a few days of the referendum. Far from remainers feeling disheartened, they are angry and active.

What is that other than populism?

11 thoughts on “But, err, grassroots is populism”

  1. it’s one of those irregular verbs

    *I* am in touch with grassroots supporters
    *You* are a populist
    *He* is a fascist

  2. —“This will not be a parade of told-you-so bad losers”

    The guy is just as guilty narrative make believe as anyone he’s critical of.

    I’ve no issue with him saying “this is what i want – who’s with me?”. But that’s all that march is. Yet he’s dressing it up as grassroots versus the gullible sheep. For someone who uses international peace in his argument he’s not that into national peace.

  3. More and more I’ve noticed that when “the right” loses an election they regroup, rebuild, and work towards the new future. When “the left” loses an election there’s an almightly row about how unfair the world is, the future has been destroyed, the election has been stolen, and *MUST* be overturned.

  4. Grassroots? Brexit was the most grassroots thing I’ve seen in my life.

    I mean, UKIP was just a bunch of pissed off people. Farage may have been involved in Conservative politics, but he wasn’t a player. They weren’t like the SDP. I went to some meetings, and almost none of the people there were establishment types. It was regular people, the sort with private sector jobs, small business people etc. I helped out the local branch, mostly with old computer gear, and that was the level it ran at. Making do and goodwill. They didn’t have any corporate help.

    And they went up against the whole of the political establishment – every other party with an MP has been pro-EU for 30 years. And they won.

    I’ll bet nearly all the people marching are establishment types. People working in fake charities, or at the BBC, or civil servants or teachers or trade unionists. All seeing their opportunities for sucking at the state’s teat vanishing.

  5. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    And to continue on Anon’s poin, this is why populist parties (left or right) tend to splinter so readily. They are often loose coalitions from disparate ideologies, driven by a single goal,
    The same with the AfD in Germany, once the protest has been made or the objective achieved, the group dissolves back into its constituent parts and the voters return to their traditional parties or join new ones.

    The FPOe in Austria survived being in power and losing Joerg Haider by appointing an even bigger loony as chief, but woe betide him if he gets into office, because that’s what people actually don’t really want.

    That prize ass Mason whitters on about this as well at length, decrying the “racist populists” that led Leave who “lied” to all those poor sheep that are incapable of thinking for themselves. Twat.

  6. Having lost, in no small part by going around calling ordinary folks racist, fascist and stupid, the leftie response is to go around again calling people racist, fascist and stupid.

    They really can’t learn anything from history, can they? Be it recent (Brexit) or older (repeated attempts at political* socialism).

    * clarification, as our host often writes in Forbes about socialism in a purely business sense.

  7. The public rejection of the EU in parallel with the Parliamentary level capture makes the May coronation look all the more like a stitch up to avoid the opinions of the Conservative party membership.
    If they wanted to discourage party membership further they couldn’t have done much better.

  8. “About 50,000 people on the streets and more than 1,000 people across the country signed up as volunteers within a few days of the referendum. Far from remainers feeling disheartened, they are angry and active.”

    Also very stupid. If you’ve watched any of the 50+ videos on https://www.youtube.com/user/gwplondon channel you’ll hear the dumbest and most inconsistent reasoning ever.

    Also, as a former demonstrator on the left, I know what the usual suspects and working class demonstrations look like. This wasnt it. It was chocked full of middle class folks who dont quite get what politics is about but hey they arent the stupid, uneducated racists that we all are.

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