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Clever plan

A Taranaki man used a fake escort agency and the promise of big money as one tactic to take advantage of vulnerable young men he is accused of sexually abusing, a court was told.

Nigel Allan Hauauru Nelson used the lure of regular work and a steady income to get the men to strip naked and be photographed or filmed before he performed sexual acts on them, the High Court at New Plymouth heard.

So, before I employ you as an escort would you just care to demonstrate your skills?

Somehow I just don’t think this would work quite so well upon women. There would be rather more requesting of evidence I think.

Although I do recall one case where a bloke told a bird that he was training her to be in porn films.

For a year.

9 thoughts on “Clever plan”

  1. Graham Norton’s autobiography contains a very similar story. At the age of about 20 he went to San Francisco and applied for the job of rent boy, advertised in a free paper. The recruiter used the line: “Well, if you apply for a job as a secretary, you’re expected to write a letter”. Graham claims to have seen through the ruse.

  2. Isn’t there a whole porn series supposedly based on this very set up?

    Or so I have been told by a good friend of mine…

  3. Isn’t there a whole porn series supposedly based on this very set up?

    There is, but I am pretty sure the whole thing is fake, i.e. the fake agent thing is a fake and the girls know exactly what they’re doing. Otherwise the producers would be committing a pretty serious criminal offence.

  4. Tim Newman,

    Yeah. Apart from fraud, you’d get into trouble about model release stuff too.

    I’ll bet there’s a lot more men who bang women by setting up fake auditions for regular movies.

  5. There’s certainly a lot more men who bang women (and men) by setting up non-fake auditions for regular movies.

  6. Bloke in Wiltshire

    Andrew M,

    I don’t really understand that. I don’t care about gratuitous tits in drama any longer. There’s mountains of them on the internet.

    I mean, I don’t object to them, but I’m not going to watch a drama/film because it’s got nudity in it.

  7. BiW,
    I agree; having an attractive cast and the occasional frisson of sexuality can help carry a film through the dull scenes. But it’s certainly not a reason to watch in the first place.

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