Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, has done lots for tax justice

I reply with a simple question. Who, I ask, has done more for tax justice, John and Jeremy or Margaret Hodge?

There is, of course, quite simply no contest: Margaret wins hands down. Even in the last year, in her post Public Account Committee days, she’s done more on the issue than they have.

Well, quite, Stemcor taxation, that family trust to protect from inheritance tax, the only named user of the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility.

Quite blinding advances in tax justice.

21 thoughts on “Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, has done lots for tax justice”

  1. Did anyone hear the rimming she got from Peter Hennessy on R4 the other day? No mention of tax, though she did own up to taking her eye off the ball vis a vis the Islington care homes kiddy-fiddling scandal. So that’s all right, then.

    Anyone listening to that programme would think she was not a perfect specimen of your run-of-the-mill, self-interested, narcissistic and utterly loathsome politician: one who, furthermore, aided and abetted the lunatic Brown and his homies in their gang-rape of the UK economy.

  2. It is hilarious that, opining on a case where someone inherited shares that she knew nothing about, he declared that the offence should be strict liability and that she should pay penalties and interest at the full tariff as if she had deliberately been evading tax.. His views on Stemcor and Hodge the Dodge seem slight different. What a prick!

  3. Given his volte face when it comes to Corby and Co and his continued fawning brown-tonguing when it comes to Hodge, I have to wonder if the reason is that Murphy thinks that Lady Hodge may be onside in any future push for a peerage by him?

  4. Oh and I see Murphy is getting better at moderation, as he smugly spotted this fifth columnist posting over there.

    Richard Gowlyter

  5. @RA – yes, I saw that. Fantastic. The cutn had booked a seat, but would prefer to be a martyr. Shouldn’t have booked a seat in the first place. I long for the day when people and businesses start standing up to this lying, grandstanding bullshit.

  6. BraveFart

    Not that good!

    I don’t get through in unalloyed form as Ironman; Harry Steel does though.

    By the way; I see Murphy has learnt a lesson from his experience with Michael Ashcroft and and is sticking to libelling the dead now (Duke of Westminster)

  7. would prefer to be a martyr.

    Not to mention deliberately making the overcrowding worse for everyone else by blocking the corridor.

  8. He might indeed slip through with some lubrication, I’ll give it bash sometime. It would be difficult to force him in anywhere given his unfortunate condition.

  9. I’m very sensitive you know. I can read what you’re writing. I don’t think I’ll be able to go back on Murphy’s blog and perform with this sort of mockery following me.

  10. Since Florence Foster Jenkins managed to enter a discordant note, how about trying Flacido Domingo? I’m sure he has a soft spot for tenners.

  11. BF – I’m sad to see him go but it’s a comfort to know that his existence was in the balance while the prof searched for him on the interweb.

    Gowlyter was destined to have a short shelf-life since Richard Murphy’s name is eternally linked to Dachau as Richard Dimbleby’s is to Bergen-Belsen.

  12. Virgin gives 20% discount to Labour delegates, so Corbyn decides to shit on them.

    Part of his “authenticity not spin” approach to politics.

    But really just the normal lying ignorant duplicitous hypocritical shit lefty.

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