Slough has most foreign-owned properties outside London

So we’re selling them the good parts of the country then, are we?

But this is The Guardian of course, so something terrible must be happening.

The Land Registry lists 99,345 freehold or leasehold titles across England and Wales as being owned by foreign-registered businesses, including 675 within Slough’s SL postcode area.

Is that a lot or not? There’s about 25 million households in the country, what’s commercial properties on top of that, 50% again? Just very roughly you understand.

So 0.3% of British property is owned by offshore companies?

Don’t think this is much of a problem, do you?

11 thoughts on “Err, what?”

  1. Slough has a very large Indian/South Asian community (as a quick trundle round the enormous 24 Hour Tesco by the station will reveal – amazing selection of food catering to local demand). The people who own these properties will, I suspect, turn out largely to be from that community. Pointing this out and demonising that community makes the Guardian RACIST!


  2. although admittedly the SL postcode covers areas like Gerrards Cross too, which is a more likely target for wealthy foreigners

  3. The Meissen Bison

    That’ll be all those Greeks and Germans living in their massive houses in Windsor.

    True enough. I blame the wretched Normans who started the vogue.

  4. I actually have fond memories of Slough.

    Probably because I haven’t been there since 1966.

    The family was on holiday near London that summer and the Adam West “Batman” series was all the rage. Since the comic was how I learned to read–before the show–I was a big fan and dragged my Mam and Dad all over the South -East trying to find the latest plastic models of Batman and Robin that had just arrived in the shops. The toys didn’t stay very long because they were sold out with speed sufficient to sink Tracy Island beneath the waves. My poor old parents must have trailed around a dozen shops and all were sold out.

    At last however–in the big shop window of Woolworth’s (I still miss Woolworth’s– esp at Christmas) on Slough High St– there they were–the Dynamic Duo–in all their one and a half inches tall plastic glory.

    Happier days than now.

  5. @MrEcks

    You’ll remember Suters and the covered market….

    Many afternoons spent wandering through the market have left the smell of pet shop irrevocably fused with the sight of DC and Marvel comics.

    We left for Bristol in 1971 having narrowly failed to get to Australia (property sale fell through last minute). I was massively disappointed to miss out on the voyage…

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Slough has many fine features, not least of which is the M4 which means you have to spend no more time in Slough than is strictly necessary.

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