Err, yes Owen, yes

While Labour descends into a mire of introversion and internecine conflict, Theresa May is cleverly raiding the old language of the left. Her government will only further entrench the concentration of wealth and power in very few hands. But with so much of working-class Britain feeling culturally alienated from the left, that hardly matters.

A new rightwing majority could be forged by a swath of working-class Britain who feel the left inhabits a parallel universe. It’s time for the left to return to class – or an eternity of Tory governments beckons.

The thing is, in order to attract that working class the metropolitan left is going to have to give up much of what it believes in.

It’s a difficult balancing at to attract the rather socially conservative working class and also the sort of Mugwumps who scream that using a cis- actor to portray a gay character is homophobia.

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  1. “Many felt insulted and written off as a bigoted, backward, knuckle-dragging mob, only happy when launching an expletive-ridden diatribe about a minority.”

    Such as when the PM himself refers to a concerned voter as ‘a bigoted woman’…

  2. Bloke in Wiltshire

    Here’s the thing. Class, as the left perceives it, doesn’t exist. The people running places like Chatsworth and Longleat are really entrepreneurs in the entertainment business now. The owner/manager/worker divide is far more blurry.

    The closest thing to an aristocracy today is the left state one. How, say, people at the Guardian can walk into a university job, how someone fired running one quango can walk into an arts council job. Do Alan Rusbridger or Will Hutton really have proven managerial experience?

    The left are still fighting the battles of 50 years ago, because none of them have been out into the real world in that time.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Labour has always had that class of academics and assorted lefties who spend most of their time with their head up their collective arses and never see the working class, who are at best people to be pitied but mostly canon fodder in the electoral game.

    In the past they did have many politicians who had worked alongside the working class, especially those who fought in the war. Callaghan and the like may have been wrong in many things they did but they at least had the interests of the working class at heart and also understood them.

    That’s one of the reasons Dan Jarvis is often touted as Labour’s saviour, he has a connection with the working class that the likes of Corbyn and Owen never could. Labour’s problem is that the likes of Jarvis are few and far between.

  4. BiND

    typical Corbynite reaction to Dan Jarvis (from my FB Feed)

    ‘Bring it on, Jarvis – humiliation awaits’

    The hilarious thing about the articvle is Jones has an inkling of the problem – the only slight snag for him is – he is part of the problem, and based on his activity on Twitter as well as every article he has written both on the Indy and Grauniad he manifestly cannot be part of the solution. I would advise him to ponder how easy it would be for the ‘right wing majority’ to call for him to be extradited to Venezuela as and when the Maduro regime falls for aiding and abetting oppression of the Venezuelan people – getting Labour elected on a Corbynite ticket will be the least of his problems at that juncture…..

  5. Ooh, the Left absolutely *love* the working class – not the actually existing one, but the mid-19th century fantasy one dreampt up by Karl Marx.

    When you view the world through a lens forged in a 19th century work of fantasy and self-justification, it’s easy to inhabit a parallel universe to the rest of us.

  6. The working class makes up 25% of voters perhaps. And some of them don’t want to be working class. And some are naturally opposed to collectivism.

    As a basis for power it’s hopelessly thin.

  7. jgh

    Ha ha, yes. To realise what Owen has finally started to get an inkling of, you could shut down the Guardian and Owen and chums could never write another word and they wouldn’t even be 10% down the road.

    The Left’s groupthink and antipathy to any contrary opinion has led them to march in lockstep into the internationalist dead end they currently find themselves in. There is no way out.

  8. This is a common problem in Western Europe. The left espoused freedom of movement and the impoverishment of their working class base. The French Socialists, the Germans SPD, Britain’s Labour – all in trouble. Either one becomes a radical left group spouting neo communist claptrap (Podemos, Syriza) or you watch your supporters move to the FN or AFD.

    One consequence is that the right have moved into the centre – note how the CDU and the Conservatives are more lefty than before.

    Italy is an interesting exception. There it is the centre right that has disappeared and instead we find the socialists fighting with the 5SM.

    Basically the lies told about the EU is destroying the centre in most of Europe. The EU has certainly not been responsible for preventing war in Europe, but it will almost certainly be the cause of bloodshed when it falls apart.

  9. @Chester Draws

    The working class makes up 25% of voters perhaps. And some of them don’t want to be working class. And some are naturally opposed to collectivism.

    Yep, me and my kin are from that category, now enjoying middle class living standards as a result of capitalism. Specifically foreign investment in manufacturing during the 80s, when Maggie was… allegedly… destroying… manufacturing… yeah…

    So yes, all that overtime Dad slogged away at? And the studying and shit jobs I did to work my way up? Collectivist lefties can F-off.

    What bothers me most now are the middle class posh lefties we’ve overtaken. The sneering, the patronisation. And then they wonder why we prefer Maggie and Nige.

    They understand us. And I’m not convinced they even want to.

  10. @cynic,

    Their marxist fantasy version of you is much more pleasing to them than the real thing. You have let your self-appointed vanguard down. You should feel ashamed with yourself. Your penance is to have what’s really in your interests to be Marxplained to you until you run back into their loving fold.

  11. Marxplained” – marvellous. Will be using that.

    My guess is that they concoct this weird fantasy in order to cover for the fact that they’ve gone backwards. Not doing as well and mummy and daddy. Being overtaken by oiks.

    Rather than admit failure and deal with it, they pretend they are actually above all that money-grubbing stuff. Allows them to carry on looking down, as they believe they were born to.

    Even though, as lefties, they are obsessed with what others materially have.

    These last few months, I’ve started seriously thinking that a lot of people on the left, particularly those that are educated and come from a well-off background, are actually mentally quite ill. Would explain the self-loathing and lack of logic.

  12. cis- actor to portray a gay character is homophobia.

    Are you being ironic here? It’s difficult to tell. “Cis-” is the opposite of “trans-“, nothing to do with gay (or any of the other bits of the alphabet soup.)

    Perhaps you meant “straight”? Or you did mean exactly what you typed and therefore they are deranged*, because they can’t even get their anti-prejudices properly lined up.

    * According to their world-views. They are clearly deranged according both to our world-view (with the possible exceptions of Paul and our Norman acquaintance) and with respect to reality.

  13. The working class makes up 25% of voters perhaps

    Labour’s “working class” is nowhere near that.

    To qualify, you need to have a defined community, banners and a gala.

    Miners, obviously, are at the top, with some others on the rungs below. The % is tiny.

    What Labour needs is someone like Thatcher (who understood that most people have basically the same ambitions, especially mothers, but at different levels), or Major, who had some first-hand experience.

  14. The well-off, mostly white, middle/upper class CM London Bubble Left–BluLab and ZaNu alike–HATE the white working class with a passion. They want leftist shite imposed on the WWC–there is no way in Hell the Bubblers are going to shift towards the WWC “trogs” (as the CM scum see us ).

    Which is why they want a police state flooded with offcomers.

  15. Bloke in Wiltshire

    Jack C,

    That was New Labour. That gang, for all their sins, did their homework. They interviewed and ran focus groups with people and realised that socialism and old ideas about community were dead. They realised that all you could do was free market capitalism, but with higher taxes.

    The problem is that the Labour Party membership just don’t want to hear it. it’s no longer a party with a serious membership.

  16. @BiW,

    Indeed. New Labour, loathe them or loathe them, indeed did focus group the [email protected] out of everything.

    Which is why they had electoral success. And then, on the back of that, got some of their grotty Grauniadista PC nonsense in through the back door.

  17. And a good reason no-one should let themselves be fooled by them again.

    Corbyn sadly won’t be around to (hopefully) keep them in the fringes forever.

  18. While I don’t like Blair I have to respect the fact he won general elections. More than once even.
    The Labour party can be what it wants but if it doesn’t get into power then what use are its idealised policies?
    Catering to 1% of the potential voters won’t win them power. People talk about the 1% like its just 1% rich. There is also the 1% of voters who are most to the left etc.

  19. Lefties are so disappointed with the white working class – so much so, in fact, that they’ve had to import millions of non-white peasants to take their place.

  20. I still think this “Labour are completely finished” stuff is overdone. Who exactly are the working classes going to vote for if not Labour? The Lib Dems are just Labour without the venom, UKIP are currently without any real purpose and the chances of the old fiefdoms voting Tory are basically nil.

    I agree that Labour are unlikely to be a party of government if they can’t win in Scotland and the South of England, but the Manchester Free Trade Hall will echo to the sounds of socialist cheers for years to come.

  21. “Mugwump”

    Wonderful. Never heard of that before.

    I love this site. I read it with a tab open at Oxford Dictionaries.

  22. @Charlie Suet

    It’s a fair point. Back in my old stomping ground, I can’t imagine anyone other than Labour ever getting in any time soon.

    Maybe – and there may be some stats around to suggest this, I haven’t looked – a good proportion of white working-class (and shirking-class, too) Labour voters just don’t bother voting at the moment. Maybe it isn’t about voting for someone else so much as not bothering at all.

    Persuading someone to change sides is worth two votes, in a way: they lose one, you gain one, net difference is two. Having them just stay home is worth half that, but still a victory.

  23. “I still think this “Labour are completely finished” stuff is overdone. Who exactly are the working classes going to vote for if not Labour?”

    Not vote at all? They may be unable to bring themselves to vote Tory/UKIP/LibDem but they still may refuse to vote for a Labour candidate/manifesto that is so opposed to their more socially conservative ideals. Don’t forget they’ve gone off reservation for the first time in the Brexit vote, once you’ve rebelled for the first time, the next is a lot easier.

  24. “A new rightwing majority could be forged by a swath of working-class Britain who feel the left inhabits a parallel universe.”

    It’s not just the working class. Almost everyone is bewildered by the mentalism of the 21st century leftie. The Graun writers with avocado angst aren’t even the half of it.

    Mugwump is a great word.

  25. cis/trans/etc – as a literate person this annoys me. cis- is the opposite of trans- in that cis- means the same side of where trans- meaning the other side of. cis-alpine Gaul, trans-alpine Gaul, etc. cis- is *NOT* the opposite of trans- in transgender where that particular trans- means /changed/, transformare = changed form. The opposite of that trans- is the latin translation of /unchanged/, not the the latin for /same side/, something like idem-. It’s like the ****heads who think the opposite of copy/right/ is copy/left/.

  26. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It’s chemistry envy from innumerate SJW fucks who vaguely recalled cis- and trans- isomers from somewhere and thought it would lend their support for florid mental illnesses a veneer of sophistication.

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