Err, yes, yes you did

Richard Murphy says:
August 19 2016 at 9:08 am
I wrote Corbynomics

I don’t trust Corbyn to deliver

So did I now write crap? Because I have not changed one iota of my opinion

He never has managed to remain a part of any grouping, has he?

Richard Murphy says:
August 19 2016 at 11:31 am
There is no McDonnell school

He is not an economist and he froze out all he asked to help

And doesn’t that last sentence just describe the Sage of Ely to a t?

Richard Murphy says:
August 19 2016 at 9:32 am
I am not backing a wing of the party

I am walking away from incompetence: Jeremy Corbyn really does have no clue what he is doing and I know we need an opposition and he cannot provide it

I also happen to know Owen Smith is not as he is portrayed: I do quite agree that there are people I have strongly disagreed with in on the right in Labour but Owen is not one of them

And I do think they can read the writing on the wall – which is why they have accepted Smith who was sent to Wales for being too left wing by Miliband

If Owen wins I’ll get my peerage!

Richard Murphy says:
August 19 2016 at 11:35 am
You last paragraph is so relevant

COrbyn and McDonnell have never done the job expected of MPs, sitting on committees, serving as part of a team, analysing evidence, drafting alternatives, going through the slog (much if it tedious) of being legislators and opposition that results in reasonable outcomes

They literally have no idea how parliament works as a result

In many ways they have been the ultimate free-riders, taking a salary and never doing the job. but worse, they didn’t even create a coherent alternative if their own with all the time they had in their hands

Who else can taste that lovely smell of bridges being burnt? These are, as he’s told us before, people he has known for a decade or more.

He’s not stopping though!

Richard Murphy says:
August 19 2016 at 7:13 pm

Paul Mason is losing it

But that’s what happens to ageing Marxists

And ain’t he grand?

Richard Murphy says:
August 19 2016 at 1:59 pm

I have no problems with social movements: as you note, I helped form one

I spoke at Occupy

I supported UK Uncut members

I oppose neoliberalism

Incisive analysis!

Richard Murphy says:
August 20 2016 at 8:07 am
There was no coup

I keep asking and am told there was no plan, just a point here the anger spelled over

And I witnessed the incompetence: it began with John McDonnell wanting to be a neoliberal endorser of Osborne’s fiscal plan and never stopped

No ideas

No listening

No organisation

No agendas

No nothing

Utterly hopeless

But NI coup either: just fury at an Article 50 comment that struck anyone who knew much about it as absurd and a true indication of what Corbyn had always wanted and lied about


He really, really, thought he was going to get that peerage, a la Miliboy and Glasman, and really, really wanted it too, didn’t he?

20 thoughts on “Err, yes, yes you did”

  1. I wonder if there is anywhere on the Internet a site where one can obtain the sound of mass mocking laughter echoing as thro’ a giant cathedral-like vault.

    If so several thousand emails with said recording attached need to end up in Murd’s inbox double-quick.

  2. Ooh I thought what happened was that left wingers who unexpectedly won a party leadership election were pushed to describe some economic policies they mentioned printing money to pay for stuff. Since Richard said printing money to pay for stuff was a good idea the bandwaggon duly jumped on with two feet. Some months later a few jumped off again to avoid the inevitable crash when a driver insists on driving on the left when everyone else drives on the right. But in Richard’s case the driver stopped asked Richard to get off, and drove on.

  3. I assume that Murphy has never disagreed with Owen Smith before because like the rest of us, he probably had no idea who Owen Smith was. Smith is like a charisma free version of Andy “mascaraman” Burnham. Someone who was a Blairite when Blair was in power, was a Brownite when Brown was in power, a Milifan when it was Ed. Slimy and unprincipled. And yes, I know that Burnham has no charisma.

  4. The incompetence of the NHS on public display.

    Mrs Murphy, the part time on long term sick leave GP, does nothing to help her husband who is quite obviously mentally ill and becoming more and more psychotic by the day.

  5. My theory is that the part time GP on long-term sick leave is suffering from acute Murphy.

    And while he has moved to Ely, maybe her and the kids not so much.

  6. I have a suspicion that one could lock the LHTD on his own in a room and he’d soon start a fight with himself

  7. You’d have thought that if Mrs M was fed up with Mr M that she’d want to work even more rather than less in order to keep out of his way………………….

  8. And while its normally very distressing to see a man collapsing mentally in front of you, in this case I’ll not be too bothered, as he’s the sort of man who given half a chance would have everyone on here rounded up (probably including Larry, you can’t trust stool pigeons even if they are nominally on your side) and sent off to a gulag for ‘re-education’.

  9. “Richard Murphy says:
    August 19 2016 at 9:08 am
    I wrote Corbynomics”

    Hang on, wasn’t he saying the other week that he didn’t write Corbynomics, that he had merely written some vaguely ismilar things that Corbyn had stolen and re-packaged?

    Vague memory of him writing something like that, when he was trying to explain that he was non-political and could therefore get charitable grants.

  10. @Richard,

    Spot on…


    “I’ve recounted several times, already, that despite the media suggestions I did not, as such, write Corbynomics. It’s true that a significant number (but not all) of the ideas in Jeremy’s economic manifesto (which has now gone from his website, and of which I never seemed to keep an electronic copy (NB: now located)) were written by me, but not for Jeremy per se, and certainly not in the way in which he presented them.”

  11. He’s flip flopped on it before, I did once sent in a correction to an article he wrote somewhere where he described himself as the founder of corbynomics with a link to him saying he wasn’t (defending non-political status for funding being where he usually denied it before), not that it made any difference.
    Maybe if Corbyn has another landslide win we will see a St Peter like repentance

  12. I assume BniC that in compliance with the letter and spirit of academic rigour and transparency he published and acknowledged your correction.

    My reading of things is that our intellectual three-legged donkey saw a massive bandwagon on the move and chose to tell the world (candidly and with all modesty) that he was the one pulling it.

  13. Corbyn and McDonnell had 30 years of not sitting on committees and not being part of a team, 30 years before the summer of 2015 when Corbyn stood for the leadership. Funnily enough though, Murphy never mentioned any of that while he was sharing a platform with him, breathlessly recounting his amazing (and Dauhau-free) summer. It was only once McDonnell didn’t give him the title/pay/seniority he felt was his by right that this incompetence impediment made its way into his posts.

  14. Isn’t he kind of missing the point that all that boring committee stuff is meant to grind/shape the MP into being part of the establishment and Corbyns appeal in a large part is that people are fed up of the establishment. Also the leader has people to do that for him rather than being bogged down so how relavent is it.

  15. BniC – leaders have to learn to lead. Sadly Corbyn appears to know how to oppose and has not yet learnt to lead.

  16. Bloke in Costa Rica

    While the sight of Murphy banging his rattle on his high chair is amusing, it does once again raise the question of how the man has any public recognition whatever. If I weren’t a devotee of this blog I’d see him mentioned and have no more inkling of why he had a claim to fame than those weird orange plastic entities labelled TOWIE and and CBB (whatever that is) that infest the sidebar on the Daily Mail’s website.

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