Excellent, so that’s socialism dead then

The audit will be updated annually. There are reasons to be sceptical, principally the simultaneous announcement of huge cuts to NHS services, which makes a mockery of the language. It’s no good becoming more equal just because everybody’s access to healthcare has worsened. Yet the fact is, she has done something exceptional.

Given that it only delivers equality of poverty Zoe.

6 thoughts on “Excellent, so that’s socialism dead then”

  1. Look it’s Zoe, so it’s wrong, but there was no announcement of cuts to the NHS. The ‘cuts’ were assessments as to how services might change in the event of cuts. These documents are produced regularly by all kinds of govt depts.

    Still, the important thing is to get the lie out there, so it can be repeated by the proto-simians on Twitter and Facebook, and a few petitions started on 38 degrees so it becomes an accepted truth. PS, the only govt to actually cut the NHS was Callaghan’s, cos Labour had fucked the economy, AGAIN. Never hear that truth from the whining piss merchants of the left, do you?

    (Oh, and 20bn over 5 years when the NHS budget is well north of half a trillion over the same period isn’t that much. It’s like skipping the full fat cheese in favour of a sorbet after a 14 course feast)

  2. “Let’s say we intuit correctly that some elegant way will be found to avoid Brexit….”

    Say it like it really is, Zoe: ‘Let’s say we intuit correctly that some elegant way will be found to thwart the express will of the democratic vote…’

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    That’s a good link but I prefer the related one where she’s talking about capitalism and freedom in 1977: https://youtu.be/yoIZdEBf9Wk

    It reminded me of my late father. In the late 60s and early 70s he turned round 2 pubs, one in Huddersfield and then one in Pickering. He did it by serving a good pint, no food in those days, and ejecting men who swore, except in the tap row before they were abolished.

    Anyway, whenever natiniolisation came up he said he wanted pubs nationalised and then he could serve the worst pint in the town. The regulars reckoned he was joking, but he was deadly serious. They never got the point as far as I remember.

  4. Nationalised pubs had a good record, especially for architectural innovation.
    In Northampton during the present Tory Boom times, all the locals have closed within miles: one is now a Mosque.

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