Fuck Cameron’s honours list

Nominations from the Leader of the Labour Party
14.Shami Chakrabarti – Chancellor of the University of Essex and former
Director of Liberty

Ritchie, Ritchie, cards right mate, cards right….

However, it’s this sort of shit that grates:


Lately Executive Director of the Stronger In Campaign. For political and public

Where’re the gongs for the fuckers that won? The KBE for Gawain Towler? That peerage for Our Nige?

You know, even in modern sodding Britain you get more for winning than losing.

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  1. The Inimitable Steve

    Re: Shami Chipati, or whatever her name is. I’m confused: does India have token white people it showers with unearned honours, or is just us?

    Will Straw can fuck off and eat bleach an’ all.

  2. Just out of interest (and I’m too idle to look it up), are most of these gongs actually worth anything other than having a bunch of letters to stick after your name? OK, a peerage is a licence to grab a few hundred quid a day for turning up at the HoL, plus the chance of being invited to sit as a non-exec on the board of some company or other, and maybe a knighthood gives the same chance without the HoL option.. But MBEs, OBEs, CBEs, CHs etc etc? Do they carry a stipend or pension that’s actually more than the annualised cost of the train fare to get to the investiture?

  3. Shami’s peerage is hilarious on so many levels:

    1. It completely discredits the ‘independent’ report on anti-semitism she produced for them. It was shaky enough anyway but this screams ‘reward’ for producing the ‘right’ result.

    2. Corbyn said he would never use the honours system, so quite clearly lied. But his lies are OK coz his are ‘principled’.

    3. He made only one nomination. Murphy must be shitting himself with rage.

  4. When even the BBC ‘questions’ this nomination you know it stinks to high heaven. Normally Shami is on speed-dial at the BBC and is treated like some minor deity.

  5. No cash with any of them. The only two that do carry anything are VC and GC. Can’t recall the amount but it’s akin to a minimal pension. £4k a year? Bit sad really, as when they started they carried significant income. £400 a year I think, which was enough to run a proper (upper) middle class household.

  6. Some long-standing ward councillors (married to each other) where I live were ennobled a few years back. All those years of leafleting and appearing to petition the council to fill in potholes, finally recognised. I love the fact that Lord and Lady Wossname inhabit a standard London terraced house. Although it’s probably valued at about £800k.

  7. @ Tim W

    Annuities are paid to holders of the following……

    •the Victoria Cross
    •the George Cross
    •the Albert Medal
    •the Edward Medal
    •the Military Cross
    •the Distinguished Flying Cross
    •the Distinguished Conduct Medal
    •the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
    •the Distinguished Service Medal
    •the Military Medal
    •the Distinguished Flying Medal

    The amount for the first two is a couple of thousand. For the rest it is about a tenner. The annuities are tax exempt.


  8. Although I think they are only payable to people awarded the other medals before 1993.

    So not really Hurrah at all.

    I mean, WTF?!

  9. Bloke in Wiltshire


    It’s what I can never understand. I mean, we all know the honours system no longer matters. I’d still run a credit check on a prospective client who was a peer or a knight.

    But people chase them in lieu of cash. I mean, does it get you more pussy? Or what?

  10. BiW said:
    “I’d still run a credit check on a prospective client who was a peer or a knight.”

    More thoroughly than for one who wasn’t.

  11. And, while I am talking about medals and tax, if you win a VC and sell it, there is no CGT to pay (quite right) but if you buy a VC and sell it there would be, if you sold at a profit.

    So the wise thing to do if you had bought lots of VCs and were thinking of selling them would be to gift them to your wife and let her sell them.

  12. Is Her Cuntness, champion of prosecuting people who speak hatefacts, opponent of British self-determination, still PM? Yes? Well, not difficult to identify who’s actually winning then, is it?

  13. Bloke in Wiltshire – if I had a peer come in I’d get the mop and bucket out. Not much sawdust on the floor.

  14. If only he’d been given this kind of opportunity to fuck up this badly before the referendum we could have got a solid 60% leave vote.

    The fact that we managed 52% was a stonking result considering project fear and Cameron breaking the spending rules, and the ‘civil’ service throwing their dummy, and……

  15. The Will Straw thing disgusts me. In fact, Will Straw disgusts me.

    He just simply doesn’t deserve it.

    At least these days we have the internet, and such opinions – voiced all over the web – will be recorded for posterity as much as the gong.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Where’s the knighthood for Wayne Rooney for services to English football?”

    He and his missus (are they still together?) are more likely to get gongs for services to keeping tabloids in stories.

  17. I have a distant relative who signs himself “Joe Bloggs MBE,DL” (exactly as punctuated).

    I wanted to find out what the MBE was for?

    He is/was the Town Clerk.

    So this can of stinking fish isn’t restricted to the PM’s Prime Minister’s Resignation Honours list – how does a salaried local government employee deserve an honour – it’s their f*****g job, for God’s sake.


    The Prime Minister’s Resignation Honours in the United Kingdom are honours granted at the behest of an outgoing Prime Minister following his or her resignation. In such a list, a Prime Minister may ask the monarch to bestow peerages, or lesser honours, on any number of people of his or her choosing (e.g., in the 1997 Prime Minister’s Resignation Honours an additional 47 working peers were created at the behest of the three main parties).

    A recent change involves oversight by a parliamentary scrutiny committee, to ensure that the honours are appropriate. Some previous lists had attracted criticism. For example, the 1976 Prime Minister’s Resignation Honours of Harold Wilson (which became known as the “Lavender List”) had caused controversy as a number of recipients were wealthy businessmen whose principles were considered antithetic to those held by the Labour Party at the time.

    Former Prime Minister Tony Blair did not issue a list, apparently because of the “Cash for Honours” scandal.Gordon Brown did not publish a resignation honours list either, but a dissolution list was issued on his advice (to similar effect).

    David Cameron revived the practice in the 2016 Prime Minister’s Resignation Honours list published on 4 August following his July resignation.Some names on the list were leaked to the press several days in advance.

    CONCLUSION: How did Cameron’s list pass parliamentary “scrutiny”?

  18. I am so innured to their awfulness, I doubt I woukd have noticed had others not made a fuss of it.

    I literally have no positive expectations of them.

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