Goddamit, these people!

Apple is facing a public relations disaster and a bill that could run to billions of euros because the European Commission is set to rule that it enjoyed an illegal tax deal in Ireland.

The California company will be ordered by Brussels to pay back the taxes it avoided through the use of loopholes to hide profits worth tens of billions of dollars with the connivance of Dublin.

No, that’s simply not what can happen. The Commission can order the Irish Government to recover illegal state aid. Seriously, this is the fucking newspaper of record. Can’t they get this right?

Over on the same paper’s Irish pages :

The European Commission is expected to order today that the government recover hundreds of millions of euros in back-taxes from Apple,

Nearly right. Better, at least.

David O’Sullivan, the EU ambassador, told The Times. “It’s a very precise issue of whether there was subsidised aid given to Apple via a special deal on the tax . . . That’s what the commission will decide on and I think the issue will be limited to that,” he said.

It ain’t about the basic structure.

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  1. Pay *BACK* the taxes? So, at some point, somebody paid taxes to /them/ that they now have to pay back? I know I’m only on my first cup of tea, but it definitely says “to pay back the taxes” (see, I’ve cut’n’pasted to be sure) and not “pay the back taxes”.

    What is it about modern journalists who automatically think “paying X” is “paying *back* X”? You can only pay *BACK* X if the recipient has previously paid it to you. “Pay *BACK* the research grant”, “pay *BACK* the overtime bonus”, etc.

  2. It says a lot about Irish independence though, doesn’t it? Jerry Adams & Co. spout off for decades about the jackboot of British rule, then a short time later they’re being told by a bunch of Europeans that they aren’t allowed to agree their own tax rates with a company. What did they bomb our shopping centres for, again?

  3. It’s only a matter of time before the Commission grants itself the right to pass Bills of Attainder on such issues.

  4. I see the establishment cover up on this issue has already started.

    The BBC failed to use Richard Murphy on the Today programme discussion about it this morning. The world’s leading tax and economics expert not even consulted: shocking.

  5. There will be no fines. Absolutely not. I actually got that straight from the EU Commission itself.

  6. Ok, so European Commission tells Ireland ‘Naughty boys, you gave illegal state aid to Apple, you must get it back’. Ireland gives Apple hefty tax bill, along with a wink and a nod ‘Take us to court over it’, they do, Irish court decides Apples owes a couple of million, Irish govt says to EU, ‘The courts have spoken, nothing more to see’. Plausible?

  7. “Pay *BACK* the taxes?” There’s a lot of it about. When people can’t pay their mortgages they talk about giving the keys “back” to the Building Society. That same Society that had never had them in the first place.

  8. Apple, of course, has done nothing wrong. It is the Irish government that the EU is (apparently) saying has done something wrong.

    If this is a PR “disaster” for Apple it is only because that is how it is being spun by the media.

    There was no ‘loophole’. It was an agreement by a government with a company.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Apple’s done nothing wrong.”

    I can’t see that getting much traction on twatter. Maybe someone should start one of these # campaigns that drive the rest of us mad when they leak in to the real world.

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