Gosh, really?

And worker run cooperatives are not private business as we know it

John Lewis?

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  1. Then just what the hell are they? Cooperatives are private business as far as I know, its just that workers rather than investors own it. Or is it that the state owns worker cooperatives by some strange logic?

  2. \i seem to recall around half a century ago and more aggressive expansion by some local Co-op Societies putting a great many small shops out of business.

  3. FFS.

    Murphy on the Deliveroo employed/self-employed question can’t even read off HMRC’s website.

    HMRC says that a self employed person is in business for themselves.

    Murphy blurts that the Deliveroo drivers are “not in business by themselves” but part of a large organisation.

    For themselves

    By themselves.

    Elsewhere he boasts of having been ‘senior partner in a firm of accountants’. There were 3 partners and 10-12 staff.

  4. Overheard, one City University student to another during a Murphy lecture

    “It’s economics Jim, but not as we know it”

  5. Cooperatives

    Owned by the people who work in them: not necessarily ‘workers’ as the left would call them.

  6. I think John Lewis in many respects is a co-op in name only – the senior management run it as they would in any large company, and most employees see the occasional dividend cheque and 25% staff discount as part of the pay package

  7. What Murphy is trying to day is that “the co-op” which is nominally a *consumer-owned* co-operative is not like private business because it acts as an arm of the Labour Party. Sadly he has difficulty remembering who owns the co-op.

  8. Andrew C

    Deliveroo are being duplicitous (I would call them lying toadies but I can’t prove it)

    ‘ Deliveroo has promised to meet in a month to compare the payslips of those involved in the trial, which covers about 280 of the company’s 3,000 riders in London’

    Deliveroo have the payslips of the hourly paid riders that have been doing the job.
    They also know how many deliveries each rider made per paid hour.
    It doesn’t take a degree in maths to work out the difference in pay had each rider been paid per drop.

    I’m sure the riders themselves know.

  9. The most successful co-operative businesses are those that appoint an executive instead of having all the co-owners all sticking their oar in trying to do the day-to-day running.

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