Here is my wallet, help yourself

Scientists claim to have solved the mystery of female orgasm

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  1. Only mystery is why people bang on (ho!) about the female version as being somehow different/better than any other version.

  2. I have a vague memory of a Cosmopolitan headline reading something like “Why is your orgasm so great and his is just a little squirt?”
    (No, I didn’t read the article).
    In evolutionary terms maybe that little squirt is all that’s needed. Why a woman’s orgasm needs to be so long-drawn out and bed-shaking is not, I think, answered by this new study. Good click-bait though.

  3. Actually, please disregard my earlier post. Radhika “My brain hurts”Sanghani has just done a piece at the telegraph that covers the same ground as my post, so I must be wrong.

  4. I thought the female orgasm was directly linked to being invited to sit in the passenger seat of a very expensive motor car – Ferrari, Lamborghini etc?

  5. Stephen Jay Gould addressed* this ‘problem’ in his essay Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples (Bully for Brontosaurus, 1991). In the 99% of mammals that don’t engage in face-to-face intercourse, there’s no possibility of clitoral stimulation. He claims that the clitoris is just an analogue of the male glans, in the same way that male nipples are an analogue of the female udder. Neither serve an evolutionary purpose (though their equivalents are obviously vital for successful procreation in the other sex), but nor is there any evolutionary pressure to eliminate them, so they remain as vestigial organs.

    * I was intending to write ‘nailed’, but thought better of it.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Surely it’s something to do with the fact that males will shag anything and females won’t so their payoff needs to be bigger in order to keep them on-side.

  7. Chris Miller @ 2.32pm;
    Stephen Jay Gould is only partially right in that he realises that the embryonic genome has possesses all the information to create either a male or female body. However if you google “XX Male Syndrome” and “Paramesonephric duct” you will see that actually the Penis is the analogue of the clitoris and male nipples are actually undeveloped breasts.
    Hard as it may be to accept, the default status of the human being is female, males being the anomaly.

  8. Hard as it may be to accept, the default status of the human being is female, males being the anomaly.

    That just makes blokes the upgraded and improved model.

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