I’ll tell you, you’re going to be in for a mighty shock when you realise just how timid and right wing John McDonnell really is

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  1. TRANS: “he won’t employ me so I won’t get a gong – the only possible reason for him to say that the Courageous State is “tendentious badly-written balls” is because he’s a NEOLIBERAL SHILL who lacks the vision and courage to employ, for example, a selfless campaigning accountant from the Fens. WAAAH WAAAAH WAAAH”

  2. Oh, another of those right wingers like Soviet Socialist Stalin and National Socialist Hitler. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  3. Murph’s actually right on this one – his falling-out with Corbyn has led him to spill the beans on the crypto-far-righters at the heart of Corbynism.

  4. To reference another of the blog topics here, I wonder if Ragging on Ritchie is rather an apposite category, as maybe the man does himself go on the rag once a month by going fvcking mental in sympathy with menstruating females. Look at this response by the “learned Prof” in the same comments section to rather a reasonable post:

    ” Why write complete and utter crap and instead take nite if what he has said

    If you want to drag politics to new lows of credibility please don’t do it here”

  5. What the fuck is wrong with Murphy?

    A matter of much musing here, over the years.

    The most cynical interpretation is there is nothing much actually wrong with him and he is just playing to his audience to encourage current and attract new paymasters.

    Frankly, he’s clearly an ignorant cnut, but that hardly singles him out from the crowd in the twit / blog / craposphere.

  6. Dave:”Murph’s actually right on this one – his falling-out with Corbyn has led him to spill the beans on the crypto-far-righters at the heart of Corbynism.”

    Again–and as often as needed–fascism IS socialism. There is no “far-right” in any meaningful sense of the world. Go all around the circle thro “fascism” and end up back at “democratic” socialism. It is all the same.

    “One measures a circle beginning anywhere”–Charles Hoy Fort.

  7. “If you want to drag politics to new lows of credibility please don’t do it here”

    That’s like having a sign in a public toilet saying “if you want to have a piss please don’t do it here”.

  8. @The Inimitable Steve:

    Yes, a spaniel called Hector. Named after the cartoon tax inspector in the HMRC adverts.

  9. Sorry to bring everyone down, but I’m pretty sure Hector the spaniel is dead. There was a post about it on TRUK.

    Murphy stopped wearing his favoured pink cardigans around that time too – I can’t say if these events are connected.

  10. I have a unique insight here – even more so than Lawrence from Guernsey/ Arnald

    So I have it on good authority (from a friend who is also a good friend of Murphy)that he was offered a position within the Mcdonnell Team but because it was on an equal basis with the rest of the people being offered, and they weren’t offering him enough wedge he declined it. Evidently Mcdonnell failed to massage his ego enough and as a result, is classified as a ‘Neoliberal Troll’ along with the rest of us….

  11. VP
    Thanks for that gossip. Why am I not surprised? The Sage of Ely sees himself as the Greatest Living Economist & Tax Expert (GLETE). As the GLETE, he expects his neurotic ego to be massaged, and Mcdonnell clearly wasn’t playing. *snigger*

  12. BraveFart

    I know – truly worrying but we tend to avoid discussing politics as a rule! The friend in question knows Mcdonnell so it did come up…….

  13. John McDonnell is a Land Taxer: Tim Worstall is a Land Taxer. Therefore John McDonnell is as right-wing as Tim Worstall (Or Tim Worstall is as left-wing as John McDonnell Or LVT is neither distinctively left or right wing.)

  14. @The Inimitable Steve, August 18, 2016 at 11:40 am
    “Does Ritchie own a dog?

    Because Tim could give him his own “Wagging on Ritchie” spot.”

    Very good.

    I prefer “Biting” as in “Biting the hand that feeds it”

  15. DBC Reed

    For the umpteenth time – can an LVT cure cancer and provide the key to life, the universe and everything? And if you don’t know, would you mind asking that nice and humorous lady Carol Wilcox if she could shed some light for us? ta very much…..

  16. Tim Worstall makes the case for LVT (16.viii.16) with his usual insolent skill. Van Pattten makes his usual joke about LVT not curing cancer with the excitement of it being spontaneous and not tedious.
    And so it goes on, and on, and on, and on …

  17. DBCReed makes the usual comment about Tim supporting an LVT while simultaneously lauding it as though it would offer the cure to seemingly every social problem in the UK then takes umbrage when people call him out on constant repetition of a mantra – and so it goes on ad infinitum, to the point of genuine tedium I agree….

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