Hurrah for Maya Forstater

Or, Alex Cobham could be ignorant, could be a lying shit. Not that Maya would phrase it that way but I will.

5 thoughts on “Hurrah for Maya Forstater”

  1. Maybe the Fourth Law should be more abstract so that it also covers cases such as Social Housing hosting a disproportionately high proportion of anti-social people.

  2. Am I implying that “social justice” will prove to mean anti-social injustice? So it would seem.

    So SJW => anti-social unjust wimp.

  3. @ dearieme
    With all due respect, I disagree. “any” should be “most”. Since the cover-up story would not work if there was not/had not been a genuine organisation seeking justice with “justice” in its title.
    Your second post could be misread, so to clarify – a small proportion of social housing tenants are anti-social but a majority of anti-social individuals live in “social housing”.

  4. @dearieme:

    It’d be clearer to say ‘devoted to promoting injustice’.

    Wouldn’t want to accidentally reinforce the idea that they work against injustice.

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