Is Julie Bindel right?

Migrant who entered UK illegally raped woman on her morning commute after being allowed to stay

Do we have legal rape?

12 thoughts on “Is Julie Bindel right?”

  1. According to 3rd Wave Feminists we certainly do. Any PiV (Penis in Vagina) is an act of rape as it constitutes an act of violence against the female by the male.

    That these acts are not treated as a crime by the patriarchy is a problem for the womyn and they do classify this as legalised rape, especially within the male-dominated hegemony of traditional marriage (i.e. between a cis het male and a cis het female).

  2. Almost as good as the ‘Mail’ headline (before hasty correction) on the Felling dangerous dog attack that read as if police turned up and shot the victim, rather than the dog!

  3. Reminds me of the story of a proposed Visa brand of rubbers. The joke being on the meaning of visa as a permit to enter…

  4. I’m also concerned with why the illegal* immigrant was commuting, as well having the time to rape another woman during it.

    * Well one reading is she’s no longer illegal since she’s been allowed to stay.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I think it’s a sort of stylistic tic akin to that idiotic idea you shouldn’t ‘split’ infinitives. “Migrant who illegally entered UK” would be just as grammatically correct, but impossible to misread. You could write, “Migrant who entered UK, illegally,[…]” but only at the risk of looking like a complete cabbage.

  6. It depends on who’s doing the raping against whom. An aggrieved upon Muslim refugee have the right of carnal knowledge against his oppressor’s women in the Western World.

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