It’s difficult to think of a system where this isn’t true

Workplaces are the means of production, distribution and exchange under capitalism.

But then we all know Gregor Gall is an idiot anyway.

As a test….socialism means things aren’t produced in the workplace? Well, possibly, yes, but not in the way he means.

4 thoughts on “It’s difficult to think of a system where this isn’t true”

  1. I think the guy needs sectioning for his sake as well as that of others – who of sane mind could write this sentence?

    ‘Only then will striking return to the rightful levels of before.’

    Am I reading this right or have DBC Reed or Larry from Guernsey mind controlled me? The guy is really saying the sign of a healthy economy is a high level of work stoppages? WT actual F?

  2. ‘The job of unions is essentially to regulate the supply of labour in order to bid up its price’

    The pretense of protecting workers has vanished.

    I think it fair to say that the drop in employment makes the commodity of labour cheaper. Though socialist creeps would fight the notion that labour is a commodity.

    A return to full employment would indeed lead to more strikes, though I don’t share the writer’s belief that strikes are good.

  3. Although striking is a last resort for workers on account of the lost wages incurred, the fact that only 170,000 days were lost to strikes in 2015 (compared with 29.5m in 1979) indicates just how weak the vast majority of workers feel they are in today’s labour market.

    Or maybe you guys won the argument on workers’ rights, got enough of *evil* capitalists to agree on stuff like maternity leave, sick pay and the like, so there’s really nowt worth going on strike for?

    Maybe we don’t feel weak. Maybe we’re doing just fine and are the richest generation that has ever existed.

    As Timmy would say:


  4. The strike is a valuable weapon for workers caught in a monopsony. But it is expensive to use, partly due to the lost wages, and partly because it risks damaging the employer on whom such a worker depends.
    Very few workers are in a monopsony these days, most can and do look for a better job, thus improving their own lot at minimal cost and giving their fellows a better bargaining position.
    In short strikes are declining because they are no longer useful.

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