It’s your fault you damn idiot bint!

Elderly people are being ignored because their suffering does not have the same “emotional impact” on society as that of children, Dame Esther Rantzen has warned.

The broadcaster, who founded ChildLine 30 years ago, set up The Silver Line helpline to combat loneliness among older people two years ago.

If you spend three decades campaigning that we must all think children are very important then of course some other section of society will be regarded as relatively less important.

Status is relative you toothy cow!

8 thoughts on “It’s your fault you damn idiot bint!”

  1. Status is relative you toothy cow!

    But since there will always be a less privileged sector of society, campaigning on their behalf will keep you on the gravy train for life.

  2. Rantzen is a sort of prototype for today’s Twittering SJWs, as well, and thus doubly to be execrated. Her brand of touchy-feely hypocrisy (while enriching herself and Mr Wilcox on the proceeds of extortion – i.e. the telly tax) has gone mainstream.

    Add in the vulgarity and mindlessness of That’s Life with Cyril Fletcher and its willy-shaped carrots and you have the perfect model for Channel 4 as well.

    Hold a Salem-style trial and burn her at the stake. All on primetime TV of course.

  3. Helen: Everyone’s special Dash
    Dash: Which is another way of saying no one is.

    ‘The Incredibles’

  4. What really grates with this old cunt is that she was one of the first to say that “everyone” knew what “Jimmy” was up to.

    Has there ever been a greater hypocrisy than to condone the abuse of children in secret while publicly setting up a snitch line for the “kiddies”?

  5. The balance of probabilities is that Jimmy wasn’t “up” to anything at all kiddie-wise. In 25 years when the femmi-spewed hysteria has died down this will be recognised. As with the satanic Panic etc.

    The question is how many poor saps will be destroyed by Marxian femmi-shit in the meantime.

  6. The point is that kiddies don’t have (much) agency: they maybe aren’t old enough to know to go to the police; they don’t know what their options are. Old people might be lonely, but it’s a problem that they’re entirely capable of solving themselves.

    Also, caring more about kids than oldies is one of those evolutionary things. Not much you can do about it. I recommend grandparents find themselves a big house by the seaside, to ensure regular visits from children & grandchildren (if that’s what makes them happy).

  7. @Ecksy

    Good point. It is always worth reminding people that Savile was not proven to have done anything. Maybe for technical reasons (being dead), but still.

    Personally, I would like this to be settled by investigating and prosecuting those at the BBC who had involvement in facilitating the alleged crimes, if any such facilitation took place.

    It could lay to rest (pun not intended) whether such abuse took place, punish those responsible who can still be held responsible if it did, and give the Beeb a damn good kicking in the process.

    Then abolish the licence and take away their special treatment. Actually, just do that anyway, regardless.

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