Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – what larks!

Amber Heard has demanded that her ex-husband Johnny Depp double the amount that is paid to charity following their divorce settlement.
She recently pledged to donate the $7m (£5.3m) settlement to two charities for abused women and ill children.
But he has begun to donate the money directly in her name, instead of giving it to her first, leading her to accuse him of trying to reduce his total bill.
She said he must now “honour the full amount by donating $14m to charity”.
On Thursday, the Pirates of the Caribbean star revealed he had paid the first instalments of the original $7m sum to the charities “in the name of Amber Heard”.

So, Johnny’s claiming the charitable donation tax credit then.

Which is very fun because it means that Amber Heard cannot.

An interesting question – is a divorce settlement a taxable event? If it isn’t then this would be the sort of thing to drive Heard into an absolute rage.

Imagine, that it isn’t taxable to her, that $7 million. So, she gets all the kudos of donating it all to charity. And then gets a $7 million write off against her own taxes which, in CA would be about 50% of total income.

She don’t get this credit now. Johnny does. She’s what, $3.5 million worse off because he’s donating directly? Woman scorned and all that.

All does depend on whether a divorce settlement is taxable of course. Dunno. Dennis?

24 thoughts on “Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – what larks!”

  1. “honour the full amount by donating $14m”

    err, yer wot? The full amount is $7m. This isn’t even something as basic as basic sums, it’s even more basic than that.

  2. As I see it, the divorce settlement will be honoured when he has paid $7M to her. What she intends to do with it is her business. Any payments he makes to any other parties are his business and are not linked to the settlement.

  3. Divorce, American Style: No, it is not a taxable event. In fact, you are referring to property settlement. Semi independent of the actual divorce. My fine, fine ex wife wouldn’t agree to a settlement til over a year after the divorce. I think her shyster lawyer kept telling her junk so that her shyster lawyer could be paid longer.

  4. Being the sensitive, shy, retiring sort – the kind of guy who abhors conflict – I don’t have much experience dealing with divorce on either a professional or personal level.

    In the U.S., divorce, in and of itself, is not a taxable event. However, there can be provisions in a settlement that are either taxable, or have tax consequences. First and foremost, alimony is taxable for the recipient and deductible for the payor. Often the settlement will designate which of the parents has rights to claim the children as dependents on their personal tax return. Child support is neither taxable nor deductible, and the division of personal and business assets (such as interests in going concerns) is not a taxable event.

    I’m speaking in very general terms here, and I’m sure there are a few exceptions out there to be found. They’re beyond my level of expertise/experience and are probably beyond the scope of the discussion here.

  5. As to who gets the tax deduction when one party makes a donation “in the name of” another, I dunno. I suspect Depp has the right to the deduction and Heard doesn’t. I don’t know if one can make a donation and designate the deduction to another, but I suspect not. Personally, the point isn’t interesting enough for me to burn time trying to find out. Having watched ‘Dark Shadows’ and ‘The Lone Ranger’, my feeling is that Depp has stolen enough of my time as it is.

  6. Tim N
    Actors like play acting. That’s why Hollywood actors like pretending to be grown ups, doing grown up things like getting married.

  7. I can see further problems down the line with Pistol and Boo, who shall keep which, who will pay the fines, and whos got the pooper scooper…………….problems problems……

  8. I got Mrs. Gamecock to agree that she had no right to my retirement assets/benefits. As that was in the distant future, it meant nothing to her. Gamecock is clever, and now enjoying the heck out of that little bit of financial planning.

    I actually had to give the Sociable Security Administration a certified copy of my divorce settlement to show that she had no right to a share of my sociable security.

    Might have had to give my company a copy, too, but it’s been too long ago to remember.

    I wasn’t happy about sending strangers the settlement. The retirement clause was on the top of page four. Preceded by three pages of dirty laundry.

  9. SO Amber Heard wanted to get all the kudos for giving away the entirety of her divorce settlement while quietly pocketing $3.5m of tax refund.
    I think that is called “virtue signalling”?
    Hypocritical female person (I have been told not to heap calumny on lady dogs who do not deserve to be spoken of as if similar to some huiman females).

  10. She try to put up the appearance of not being a gold digger, and then realized that she’s not getting as much money out of it as virtue signaling. So she’s trying go back to the well for another dip.

  11. re: Tim Newman

    Didn’t do James Colburn any good. His long term girlfriend successfully sue him for palimony after their split.

  12. The reaction here is pretty telling. She did absolutely everything you lot insist that victims of domestic violence should do to be taken seriously, and yet she’s still just “virtue signalling”. He beat the shit out of her, he should be in jail

  13. @Matthew L

    Certainly there is a video of him pouring a large glass of wine, shouting and slamming a drawer. Are you suggesting the drawer should file a complaint? As for the rest I haven’t seen any evidence to come to a conclusion. What have you seen that I missed?

  14. ‘He beat the shit out of her, he should be in jail’

    Property settlements are subject to state law. I was living in NC at the time of my divorce, 20+ years ago. My lawyer told me that property distribution under NC law would range from 40-60 to 60-40, depending on circumstances. I got only 42 percent in spite of no evil deeds. Had Depp beat her up, and got divorced in NC, he wouldn’t have been hit much harder than me.

    There is a substantial difference between giving money to a charity “in someone’s name,” and giving money to the someone and they give it to the charity. I’m sure both parties’ lawyers know that. But get this: what if Depp doesn’t? His giving millions to a charity in no way satisfies his legal duty to giver her millions. If his giving money to the charity doesn’t meet the requirements of the settlement, he still OWES HER MILLIONS!

  15. “Beat the shit out of her”? If the pathetic barely visible bruise in the BBC photo is the evidence then Depp is a playactor indeed.

  16. I saw Depp recently on ‘the Graham Norton show’ here in UK. For all the charisma in Pirates of the Caribbean, etc, he just came across as a boorish curmudgeon on the chat show. Perhaps that’s the real Depp and he is actually a good actor.

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