My guess is….

Holidaymakers searching for seashells have been left baffled by clusters of ‘alien’ orbs that have washed up on Britain’s beaches.
Hundreds of the strange spheres have been spotted by families enjoying strolls along the shorelines of Devon and Cornwall.
Concerned parents are keeping their children away from the orbs, fearing they could be poisonous.
One dog walker took one home as a memento but then threw it in the bin fearing it could spring into life and attack the family.


Container load of baseballs got washed over the side….

18 thoughts on “My guess is….”

  1. Definitely baseballs. You’d have to be a moron to think them anything else (and a journalist in silly season to bother to make this a news item).

  2. Umm, welll, yessss…
    My first guess was also a baseball, Just the seams (or lack of them) at the ‘stitchings’ looked odd. A rather quick and crude google search for “sea balls washed ashore england” yielded as the first link this:
    A seemingly common sea potato creature (again seemingly related to the aforementioned sea urchin)…

  3. That DM article is very amusing:

    “It has raised fears that it is the biggest mass death of sea potatoes for decades.”

    Classic DM! Every article must arouse either anger or fear.

  4. Which came first, the baseball or the sea potato /heart urchin?

    And why did the Yanks decide to emulate the look when they created their game?

  5. “But Theo, what effect will the Sea Potato die-off have on house prices?”

    What about LVT? Is this abusive tax avoidance?

  6. @Tim Worstall
    Hang your head in shame for not recognising what is obviously the shell of a sea urchin. You’re almost as bad as this stupid woman:

    From DM Dog walker Jess Arnieson, 27, who is on holiday with her family in Penzance from Newbury, Berkshire, said: ‘No-one knows what they are but everyone is worried.

    ‘We want the experts to examine them and let us know if they are safe, because quite frankly they are really weird and a bit scary.’

    The mother-of-one was taking two-year-old Labrador, Rupert, along the beach when she stumbled across the spheres.

    She said: ‘There were hundreds of them stretching away as far as you could see along the shoreline – it was quite incredible.

    ‘Luckily I’d left my daughter Sophie, who’s four, with her dad at our holiday flat.

    ‘I’m glad she wasn’t with me to come into contact with them. I managed to keep Rupert away too.

    “Everyone is worried” – really? You mean other snowflakes like you.

    “Scary, experts to examine them, daughter, dog.” – Grow a spine and stop fear mongering you stupid woman.

  7. “One dog walker took one home as a memento but then threw it in the bin fearing it could spring into life and attack the family.”

    And throwing it in the bin will stop that? Did these people never watch Doctor Who?

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