Oh dear Jeremy

The image that springs to mind is the cartoon character Road Runner, who keeps on running long after he’s left the edge of the cliff as if still on firm ground, only to look beneath him, realise he’s motoring on thin air, and plunge into the void.

That’s, err, Wile E Coyote I think?

It’s sometimes called Road-Runnering, yes, but it’s Wile it happens to

13 thoughts on “Oh dear Jeremy”

  1. Happens to Tom, too.

    Pretty sure I read a profound explanation of it once, from the era of phlogiston, anvils falling faster than aristos, spontaneous genesis etc.

  2. Another London Bubble prick who spews even his vague memories as if they are Gospel.

    What was that film about working class wickedness called ? “I’m All Right Jack” wasn’t it?

    How the boot has shifted from one foot to another. These whining cunts need to come up with a new cocktail called “The Sour Grape”.

  3. Is Warner royalty?

    ‘On the evidence to date, the Brexit shock has failed to have the negative impact many Remainers – including me – feared it might do. But we should be careful not to celebrate too soon.’

    What’s this ‘we’ shit?

  4. @ Mr Ecks
    The villain was the wicked uncle played by Terry-Thomas, but Kite, played by Peter Sellers, left such an impression that many people remember it as a condemnation of strikes instead of Terry-Thomas’ caricature of greedy scheming capitalists

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Roue le Jour: there’s a branch of evolutionary psychology to do with ‘folk physics’, which are the sort of mental models of how the world works we evolved as hunter-gatherers. When they butt up against reality things can get interesting. There are other things like folk economics which are even more refractory to instruction, which explains why things like Labour and Democratic politicians still exist.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Huh? Are you a creationist? Did you think human nature got to be the way it is with a flick of the switch on 22nd October 4004BC?

  7. For what it’s worth I do find an origin of millennia far more credible than evolution over millions of years, but my amazement was more aimed at the prospect of psychologists claiming to be able to determine intangible thoughts from prehistory when their prognostications from the present are so deeply unreliable. It’s people-watching trying to pass itself off as science, and adding evolutionary assumptions and immeasurable fog isn’t going to improve it.

  8. I think many of those animation cliches, like a character keeping on running even if in mid-air, or stretching a pencil out of a prison cell to draw a door and then open it to escape, were developed in Tex Avery’s Droopy films. Michael Maltese wrote scripts for them before working on Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote stories.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Nemo, what you just wrote was what Wolfgang Pauli would have descibed as nicht einmal falsch.

  10. BiCR, so now you’re speaking through dead people, and even then only at the most vacuous level. Way to go, Mr Rational. Instead of claiming to speak for a corpse and giving no explanation whatsoever for why the deceased would say what you claim he’d say, why don’t you share your own thoughts – if you have any – and with perhaps some reasoning to support them?

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