Quite right too

Parents who force a vegan diet on to their children would face prison under a new law proposed in Italy.

And we’ll gradually expand it. Parents who force children to eat organic….homeopathy, the list of idiocies is near endless.

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  1. I don’t really care about organic (food is food, there is no reason why an organic diet should be worse- and it’s only the parents money that is being wasted), but parents who decide to ‘prove’ their ideology by getting their kids to go vegetarian do worry me. I’m not sure it’s a matter for the state, but seriously: kids eat all kinds of crap, and thrive on it. Removing high fat food from their diets may cause major problems.

  2. “Parents that force their children”

    Err, isn’t that what parents generally do? Or is parenthood now the responsibility of the state?

  3. It’s the mental cruelty thats the real problem …
    “… but Moma, all the other kids can eat speck, or prosciutto, or boccocinni bufala, or spada afumicato, or cacicavallo …

  4. Does it demonstrably do them any harm, when done properly?

    If not, it’s a case of Mill’s Harm Principle.

    It’s as amusing as hell that the vegan muesli-weavers just got hit by the same sort of nanny-statism that some of them try to impose on everyone else, but the principle is the same. When it comes to the state telling parents they can’t feed their kids chips with everything, or fizzy flavoured sugar-water, or chicken nuggets and fish fingers with beans, we tell them to butt out. The same applies to state regulation of parental veganism, stupid as it might be.

    But maybe it can be used first as a ‘teachable moment’ with which to explain why regulation of parental choices is bad.

  5. The background to this is that numerous (at least three cases have been in the newspapers) infants have been taken into hospital malnourished (almost dying) because their parents kept them on vegan diets. Anecdotally I would say that to show that veganism does hurt infants

  6. @NiV raising children on a purely Vegan diet is potentially harmful. The big problem is lack of vitamin B12, but getting enough calcium and vitamin D is also a problem. These difficulties can be addressed by appropriate supplements (or seeking out some fairly unusual plants to eat), but not everyone does this.

    Dietary insufficiencies can be a problem for adult Vegans as well.

  7. “The big problem is lack of vitamin B12”


    “@NiV raising children on a purely Vegan diet is potentially harmful”

    Raising them to believe in sky fairies?

  8. Whichever Italian cunt dreamed this one up needs to end his days on the scaffold blubbering how he meant it all
    for the best.

  9. Feeding Marmite to children surely constitutes child abuse. Marmite doesn’t ‘naturally’ contain B12, it’s an artificial additive – not sure where it’s sourced from. And eating enough Marmite to get your RDA of B12 would probably kill you from excess NaCl consumption.

  10. NiV wins this one: raising children on any diet is ‘potentially harmful’ and the suggestion that Marmite is entirely natural apart from the added vitamin B12 is a good example of why people should butt out of other people’s lives. If the legislation is a result of malnourished children, I’d want to be assured there were no malnourished non-vegan children encountered, and this isn’t just a knee-jerk reaction brought about by thick interfering pill dispensers.

  11. “Feeding Marmite to children surely constitutes child abuse.”

    That’s what I used to tell my mother. It got worse – I became addicted to it. Now I tend to spread it a bit like marmalade.

    NaCl – actually it’s only 0.5g of sodium to get your 100% RDA (adult) of B12, if this is accurate:


    I obviously get quite a bit more than my 100% RDA of B12..:)

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