Quite stunning

This is a great day for the sovereignty of the EU’s nations when it comes to tax. They will now be able to choose their own tax policies


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  1. Yes, just read that. I read it twice to see if there was some nuance I’d missed.

    But, no, just an incoherent sentence.

  2. This statement is perhaps the most nonsensical in what is likely to be a day crammed full of ignorant and nonsensical statements. State Aid is not about yax competition, at least not tax competition using any accepted meaning of ‘competition’. It is about individual businesses getting sweetheart deals; sweetheart deals not available to other taxpayers in that state and enjoying similar circumstances.

    It also unusual to declare tax freedom for states when the supranational civil service has instructed that state how it may and may not apply the funds.

  3. The fat fingering is a joy to behold here:

    ‘we know Luxembiyrg perpetuated it until relatively recently.’

    ‘No one knows how much back tax Ireland will be ordered to collect from Applr today’

    Plus he seems to be channeling ‘Lord of The Rings’ here:

    ‘This is what this case is about and it’s why the EU must win it. Unless it does abuse will continue to get its way. And it’s that abuse that rightly fuels the anger of large numbers within growing disaffected populations right now. They know there has to be one law for all. Including Apple.’

    Seems he may be a Tolkien fan.

    ‘One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.’

    What an absolute tool he is – and this decision is yet more power to his most moronic of pens…..


    That may just be the most moronic statement I’ve ever seen from Murphy.

    The man’s demonstrably a cretin and we’ve not reached bottom yet.

  5. Murphy on Twatter

    “Ireland has been told to collect €13 billion from Apple and it says it would rather help rax abusers than its own people. Total corruption”

    God DAMN these rax abusers!

  6. Time this decision shone the sunlight on that fvcking lush Druncker again for all the tax deals approved by Luxembourg during his premiership of it.

    Sunlight being the best disinfectant for repulsive caca

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Finally, after much struggling, I have a translation of Murphy’s statement:

    This is a great day for the sovereignty of the EU when it comes to tax. It will now be able to choose Ireland’s tax policies.

  8. You can be “good Europeans” for decades but the EU will still fuck you up the arse just for shits and giggles. It’s all about power, and Ireland doesn’t have it.

    Murphy is just a modern Imperialist. Fat fucker.

  9. BiCR

    That’s exactly right, but being a Progressive he happily inverted the meaning of the sentence and still believed it.

  10. I’ve defied my SJW wife and watched the ITV news at 10 to avoid the BBC.

    Sadly they featured Murphy and I feel sullied.

  11. I know, I’m Godwining myself.

    Having, unfortunately, gotten to know the rantings of Murphy his ideal politician model is perfectly clear. Murphy is looking for leaders that split the narrow band between Hitler and Stalin but with more authoritarianism. Once we accept that is the style of government he desires everything he says makes some sort of sense.

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