So here’s a new version of an old scam then


I am writing to inform you that our financial Company, RAYSTORM INVESTMENTS LIMITED(REG No: 05363671) located at Suite B 29 Harley Street W1G 9QR London,United Kingdom is currently offering Bank Guarantee(BG) and Standby Letter Of Credit(SBLC) for lease at five percent(5%) and purchase at forty percent(40%) from Issuing Bank, HSBC BANK PLC LONDON,UNITED KINGDOM.

Kindly reply if interested or for further enquiries.

Best Regards,
Gerhard Sander
Provider’s Mandate, Raystorm Investments Ltd
[email protected]

Never stop, do they?

20 thoughts on “So here’s a new version of an old scam then”

  1. For the thick and gullible here, can you explain said scam?

    I can see that the contact details are bullshit, but what’s the gig?

  2. Dear Mr Tim

    My friend! Do not be fooling by this scam! Instead be advised that I have $7.5m allocated to you and needing just a release fee for completion of paperwork.

    Reply immeadiately to my good friend Dr Professor Murphy who is assuredly a genuine person. Supply bank details and password.

    Amen to you good sir Mr Tim.

  3. I wonder how long it will be before some group hacks the donor list of one of the charities, and starts sending emails along the lines of “send us £3 a month or little Ahmed gets it”.

    Probably not that much of a change tho’, come to think of it.

  4. I’d have more respect for the scammers If they had some confidence in their own scams. Freemail accounts FFS! How much investment would be needed to buy a domain & social engineer some wannabe web designer into putting up a half decent website?

  5. That was amusing. Just went to a couple domains we set up as test flights for a project* & found we’ve an e-mail saying it’s an “expiry notice”. Pay $64 or we lose some web optimisation service we’ve never subscribed to.

    *Total cost 50 quid.

  6. I’ve recently received this email, as did the other half and father in law:

    —– Forwarded message from Pravin Gordhan —–
    Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2016 10:49:10 -0600
    From: Pravin Gordhan
    Reply-To: [email protected]


    I write in respect of the fund brought to the department of National
    Treasury from Reserve bank in your name.

    >From the detailed report contained in the file that accompanied the fund,
    the fund was supposed to be transferred to you from Reserve bank, but was
    not due to some reasons that were not specified in the file.

    The fund is 9.5m USD. Are you aware of the fund?

    This notification stands as the final notice for your fund to be released
    to you and after 5 working days of this notification, if I do not hear
    from you, we shall have no option than to declare the fund government’s

    You are required to re-confirm the following details, so that we can
    commence your fund release process;

    1, Your full name and address.
    2, Your age and occupation.
    3, Your cell phone number.

    Yours Sincerely.

    Pravin Gordhan
    Honorable Minister of Finance,
    Republic of South Africa.

    —– End forwarded message —–

    Pretty impressive I thought……

  7. There was rather a good line over at instapundit that the difference between Hillary and the rest of us is that when she gets an email from a foreign government offering her money, it’s legit.

  8. I guess those who fall for this fall big, but I imagine the vast majority see right through it. Think I read somewhere the scammers actually like to make the fraud utterly blatant so that the only ones they reel in are the most gullible and hence most likely to follow through.

    But the ones I find more dangerous are the ones that say there was a problem with my invoice, please check the attachment (which will do nasty things to the computer of course and perhaps lose me some money that way). If they are sent from the email address of someone I genuinely did send an invoice to – this happens, if their account has been compromised – it is pretty convincing, and takes good discipline not to open the file out of frustration.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The marginal cost of actually sending one of these emails is as near zero as makes no difference, so even an absolutely minuscule fraction of numpties falling for it can mean a big payoff.

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