So here’s a question about Facebook

Apparently there’s something on Facebook called the news feed. With trending topics.

I can find the news feed, of course. That gives me things “friends” are saying. But what I can’t find is some more generalised news feed with trending topics. That is, stuff which is popular over the network. Where is that?

16 thoughts on “So here’s a question about Facebook”

  1. Err, no?

    So, whether I’m at “home” or “newsfeed” there is no “trending”.

    “Top right” has nothing like that underneath the icons. And looking at the menus the icons pull down nothing like that either.

  2. I thought “trending” things just appeared in the same list as your friends’ posts, in the same way as you sometimes get a random “suggested” post?

    I haven’t seen a “trending” one for a while though but still get “suggested” posts. Maybe they’ve just been renamed?

  3. As I understand it the news on fb is determined by your likes and shares. Things that you don’t like won’t show up because you weren’t going to like it anyway. The only thing I am certain of is that the chances of finding something new through fb news are very slim.

  4. OTOH the FB pages of the media groups are more human interest stories so disregard my previous comment.

  5. Doesn’t look anything like that at all. So top right hand corner, fried requests, messages, world, just as in that picture. But instead of home, jane, padlock, star, it’s padlock then upside down triangle and nothing else.

  6. Isn’t your feed based on your liked pages and your friend feeds. So like the Daily Mail page and become Murph’s friend.

  7. Yes Tim, nowadays the icons at the end of the top row are padlock and then upside down triangle, as you say. That screenshot (from 2014) is out of date. But there should still be a “Trending” panel immediately below them, above some ads. There are screenshots of the recent change to the Trending panel here: If the panel is being filtered out, maybe try another browser or disable any ad-blockers?

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