So the gossip goes

Plagued by health problems, Juncker, 61, spends most of his time not in Brussels but in his native Luxembourg, where the EU has refurbished an office at a cost of more than €300,000 (£255,000).

Gossip only, of course, but this is the health problem.

9 thoughts on “So the gossip goes”

  1. I’m fascinated* by the gestation of the mentality which accepts as its due for services rendered to the undeserving public, rather than recoils in horror from, £255k being forcibly taken from that same public for an office.

    * like a crone at the foot of the guillotine, comparing the crimson of the severed sinews with the impeccable Mechelin lace of the neck a few feet above.

  2. An office, people.

    £255,000 for his office.

    It seems I haven’t lost the ability to be shocked or disgusted.

  3. Office furniture and all the rest is surprisingly expensive.

    And this, remember, is for one of the EU’s top three Presidents.

    (You may also recall the wonderfully grand Derry Irvine).

  4. *(You may also recall the wonderfully grand Derry Irvine).*
    Who, one recalls, preferred scotch to cognac, but in similar quantities.

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