That’ll learn ’em!

Self immolation could soon be a crime in Tibet

Presumably you serve the sentence when you reincarnate. Something the Chinese have also recently stated you may only do with State permission.

So they’ll know who to charge, won’t they?

9 thoughts on “That’ll learn ’em!”

  1. I love the way leftie twats foam at the mouth with righteous indignation if you advocate preserving British culture, identity and way of life. But if you advocate the same for Tibet, lefties go all dewey eyed and applaud the idea.

    But then then as anyone with half a brain realized long ago, there’s no one more racist than an anti-racist.

  2. CCP is all knowing and powerful benevolent state. Long live Chairman Xi.

    Now I’m passed the censors….

    Some Chinese would probably actually believe all that. I’ve mentioned some things looking dodgy in China’s economy and had people reply to any doubts I might have with: “The government won’t let that happen”. They literally believe the CCP can control absolutely everything. When in fact they are being lead by power crazy troglodyte (literally) who wears his trousers up around his chest.

  3. Shirley,

    The economic solution is to increase taxes on fire accelerants.

    Excuse my inflammatory comment; occasionally I am rather volatile.


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